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Holistic Learning Concept for Early Mathematical Understanding

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Numbers Come Alive

Willy’s World of Numbers is a holistic learning concept for the acquisition of solid math skills for basic numbers.

In Willy’s Number World mathematics is presented from the child’s perspective: what is more natural than to think of a land where animals, paths, houses, towers, and gardens are numbers.
Luckily there is also a number fairy, because sometimes a number goblin causes trouble. A land in which numbers are at home and make their mathematical properties known in a personal way.

Children are fully involved in setup of Numberland, diverse play possibilities, and activities: with their heads, hearts, and hands. They experience the most important aspects of the numbers tangibly and playfully, and explore relationships within the number range from 0 to 10.

The children are also challenged and motivated to develop perception and concentration, social skills, perseverance, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and musical and language abilities.

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An emotive, playful early math concept on numeracy+.