Adventure Land – King & Princess (expansion)

Anyone who loves Adventure Land will love this expansion set! The three new scenarios bring even more variety into play. There are various challenges awaiting heroic adventurers: The princess has been kidnapped, the super fog creatures are attacking the capital city, and the king needs to be protected.

Note: Can only be played with Adventure Land.

1. Kidnap of the princess

Who will be the first to collect all the keys and have enough combat strength to rescue the princess?


2. Uprising of the fog creatures

The players fight together against the super fog creatures in order to survive this cooperative adventure.


3. Rescue of the king

The full game board entices you with herbs, swords, and companions. Who can protect the king and collect the most of each item?

Adventure Land, from the renowned authors Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, is a fast strategy game that is fantastically addictive. The game impresses with its diverse and well-designed play material. The three new and very different scenarios make it continually varied and always exciting.


Exclusive: Adventure Land game instructions for downloading

Downloadable Game Instructions


The authors:

Wolfgang Kramer was born in Stuttgart in 1942. He studied Business Administration and was trained as a computer scientist. He's been playing games since he was able to think for himself. He has been inventing games for over 40 years; first as only a hobby and since 1989 as his primary career. He was the first German to work as a freelancer at Spielerfinden. Many of his games have won prizes both in Germany and abroad. He has already received the prestigious "Spiel des Jahres" award five times. He has created over 200 games. Over ten million copies of his games have been sold to date! His wife Ursula gives him good advice and is the good spirit behind the games. He has developed over 40 games in cooperation with Michael Kiesling.

Michael Kiesling has been inventing games for over 20 years. His day job is as an engineer at the city of Bremen, where he develops commercial software. He has already twice received the coveted "Spiel des Jahres" award with Wolfgang Kramer, and was nominated an additional four times for the same award.

The illustrator:


Franz Vohwinkel emerged long ago from the Bavarian mists in Munich. His unique talent for drawing drove him to study graphic design in the drab gray of Darmstadt. The surging vortex of life gobbled him up and turned him into a freelance games illustrator in Ottobrunn many years later. . This is where his long journey to Adventure Land with his wife Imelda started, and he now lives and paints under the Seattle clouds.