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Everything we do at HABA is focused on the most important target group in the world, namely children and their families. That gives us the best possible motivation for investing all of our energy and passion in the development and realization of products that inspire and delight every day.

However, it is not just important for us that our toys bring ongoing enjoyment; we also want to help parents get the best out of their child at every stage of a youngster’s development.

But apart from games and toys, we offer so much more: stories and activities that make children’s eyes shine, tips and tricks to enhance the everyday lives of families, ideas that spark the imagination... In short, everything that enriches family life with young children.

Would you like to see HABA from a completely different perspective? Immerse yourself in new worlds with us. You’ll be glad you did so, because we take such pride in what we do. When we ship our products all over the world, we include a generous portion of love in every package.

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Growing up with play

It can be such fun growing up with play, because children learn so much in the process. Our toys accompany children through every phase of their development. Creative role-playing games with (doll) friends, shopping like the adults or testing out the laws of physics – with HABA, children learn via the medium of play the norms of behavior in everyday situations and the joy that is to be found in discovery.


Whenever children and adults are having fun together, there is a good chance that HABA will be involved in some way. No wonder, because playing together strengthen the bonds between people. At the same time, play is all about abiding by rules, being patient – and occasionally ending up on the losing side. These are the key social skills that are learned while playing our games. And if frustration caused by a narrow defeat turns into a tantrum, our high-quality, sturdy game materials will survive the fallout!

Tips and tricks for family time

Problems falling asleep or coping with the stress that comes from choosing the right gift? Often, it is the smaller things that make family life all the more delightful and personal. Whether you’re looking for great recipes, ideas for the next family vacation or techniques for coping with a busy school routine, you will find plenty of practical family-related ideas and suggestions here.

Stories for reading aloud

Sometimes funny, sometimes magical, sometimes adventurous and sometimes even quite serious... our stories for reading aloud bring well-known HABA characters to life. Take some quality time with your children and immerse yourselves in our entertaining world of narrative.

Child’s play throughout the year

Life with children can be hectic, as one big occasion quickly follows another. But it is the many events such as Mardi Gras, Easter and Christmas or even a picnic in the park that make life with little ones such a delight. Follow our suggestions to smoothen your passage through the year!

Downloads & do it yourself

You can, of course, also download and print out much of our content, ranging from the HABA school timetable to a stage play for glove puppets. And if you feel like undertaking creative activities, then let us inspire you with our Do-It-Yourself ideas. 

Developmental stages

The birth of a baby is a landmark event for parents, grandparents and indeed the whole extended family. From this point on, a whole new phase of exciting discoveries begins. The child will take their first steps with you – until such time as they are ready to strike out on their own. Join us on a journey through the most important stages of child development!