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Toddler age 0-3


Play, eat and sleep

Children under three years have their own particular needs. These needs influence how the rooms are designed, how the day is planned and the choice of toys and equipment. More than anything else, children at a crèche need enough space for crawling, running and letting off steam. Exciting play landscapes, made from low cupboards and landings at various heights, where little ones can develop their motor skills, are ideal. Children also need chairs and tables in their crèche that are suitable for their height. Special crèche chairs / tables or chairs with easily adjustable footrests are also available. As children under three need more sleep, there should be a quiet room next to the group room.

Mobile Furniture



move•upp offers the right cupboard for every age and for any room, because move·upp is a flexible furniture range for all social centers that look after children, adolescents, adults, seniors or people with handicaps. Here you can find clever solutions that meet the various needs. All rooms can be equipped with move•upp - crèche rooms with crawling corners, group rooms with research and creativity areas, classrooms and leisure rooms.

move•upp offers wall units and shelved cupboards with lots of storage room - makes organization child’s play. They have lots of persuasive, ingenious functions and can be put together individually. Choose the cupboard that meets your needs with almost 100 options available.

Cabinets / Shelves


Colorful and versatile - that’s Forminant


Robust, versatile, combinable, and suitable for use every-
where: in preschools and kindergartens, in after school settings, in break rooms … this is Forminant, our new cabinet and shelving program. Versatile individual elements in various heights, special-purpose cabinets
and library furniture offer endless possi-
bilities. Shelf units, material bins, and cabinet fronts are available in many colors.
You can combine them individually or choose one of the many wall units, room dividers,
and shelf combinations.

Learning Walls

For little explorers


Children are curious and use all of their senses to discover their environment.
Give your children sensible equipment - with growing challenges for growing needs.

HABA wall elements and learning walls encourage perception and fine motor skills, because they provide different motor, optical, acoustic and tactile stimuli.

The tactile elements with their different materials and surfaces encourage children
to feel and touch them again and again.
Children can also push themselves up on their feet and hold on to the bars, an
important step towards learning to walk.




is a complete, modular construction, room building range. The logic of the module system is based on a solid framework (module dimension), which makes it possible to combine the various individual elements together in lots of different configurations. Our range covers everything from the standard house
to individually tailored play landscapes.
The standard play houses can be extended or changed according to customer requirements. It is also possible to exchange and add elements, e.g. a slide, a crossing, appliqué or entire areas, at a later date. For example, a play unit can later be extended with a platform area.

Outdoor Play Structures

Terramo Philosophy


The colors and shapes that we find in nature are an endless source of inspiration. If you let them guide you, you can create your outdoor space into a setting for children to experience.
Terramo has a natural design where the elements work with nature and seek closeness to it as the master of design. As in nature, Terramo has few right angles and avoids symmetry as much as possible - a spider’s web and a green meadow are naturally beautiful, because the individual components are similar, but never exactly the same.

Exciting views through the safety glass porthole

Coming up with their own ideas for play is a constant challenge for children and leaves no room for boredom - a den today will be a spaceship tomorrow and a village shop or adventure island the day after that.