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Fröbel – Getting into Shape for the Future

Fröbel‘s “Gifts" are both simple and sophisticated at the same time. He divided them into plays with objects, plays with surfaces, plays with lines, and plays with points. Inspired by them, we have developed Fröbel materials whose clean shapes and flexible creative techniques are captivating. We'll show you how you can use these materials and why today Friedrich Fröbel is so important for children and educators.

Friedrich Fröbel's Approach to early Education

As relevant today as ever – German reformist educator Friedrich Fröbel (1782 – 1852)


Childen today are growing up in a mechanized, automated, and digitalized world. In order to meet these special challenges, they need skills such as creative thinking, self-regulation, and individual responsibility as well as the ability to work together. The OECD study “Starting Strong 2017” demonstrates that early childhood education is important for developing these competencies. This approach was already clear to Friedrich Fröbel. With his founding of the first kindergarten in 1840, Fröbel laid the cornerstone for an innovative early childhood education concept. In his day, he was considered to be a rebel, yet today he is as relevant as ever.

Getting children into shape for the future means stimulating, encouraging, and empowering them in a self-directed way.

Especially in an increasingly digitalized word, it is important that children understand their natural environment and its laws with their own hands. Only in this way will they get to know themselves in all their facets and be able to develop intellectually and physically as well as emotionally. This is the basis for bringing their individual personality creatively and productively into society, as adults as well, and for further developing their personality and themselves. Rediscover Fröbel ‘s ideas with us and adapt them to our time!


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