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Unique animal...

The mascot of HABA education is Axl, the axolotl. This extraordinary animal is a water-dwelling salamander and occurs only in two lakes in the volcanic basin near Mexico City. The tiny animal with the friendly appearance is as unique as our products and will accompany you through our catalog!

Unique products...

Beautiful colors & High educational (play) value: Fröbel Marble Game

Appealing colors and material invites children to learn in a playful way while training vital skills. Detailed instructions offer many play options.

Multi functional an flexible:
Arch Ladder

Slide, swing or play table

 Our classic: Building Kit Wagon

This Wagon is one of our most important and most traditional products. It has featured in our product range since 1974 and been sold more than 20,000 times! This means that – statistically – every third kindergarten in Germany owns one.