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Being creative with ball Paul

Get out your pens, get set ... and the great fun making things is off! When you need a break from zooming around, you can make things with us. We draw until our pencils start smoking and glue until there’s nothing left in the tube of glue. The result is a lot of creative craft ideas that we would like to share with you. We will not only tell you exactly how it’s done but also what craft materials you’ll need. With a little help from your parents, who will print out the instructions and help you with the preparations, you can make a whole lot of awesome things in no time. We wish you lots of fun!


Instructions for making Easter cards
Instructions for making Easter cards
Invitations for children´s birthday party
Invitations for Children’s Birthday Parties
Birthday image place cards
Birthday crown for children's birthday party
Kullerbü countdown bags
Delicious recipes from the orchard
Creative fingerprints in Kullerbü

Coloring templates

Frido's Fire Truck
Pauline’s ball-convertible
Crash-boom-bang coloring in pictures
Fire truck coloring in pictures
Police car coloring in picture
Helicopter coloring in picture
Car coloring in picture
Garbage truck and construction vehicle coloring in pictures
Coloring in pictures for little ones
Kullerbü football match coloring in picture
Card for your loved ones
Carnival coloring in picture
Vacation coloring in picture
Birthday coloring in picture
coloring picture
Halloween coloring in picture
Christmas miracle coloring in picture
Play world
Play world