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Ballet and Gymnastics Fun with the Little Friends


Hello, my name is Mali!


I’d like to tell you a little something about myself today. I really like to dance ballet, and I go regularly to ballet and gymnastics school. My best friend Imke is in my ballet class, and we always have a lot of fun.
Lena, my big sister, and her friend Eva attend ballet training for the older girls ... amazing what they can do!
I also always run into some friends from kindergarten, for example Felicitas and Matze. They go to gymnastics practice and can demonstrate some fun gymnastics exercises.
Would you too like to learn a few awesome ballet movements? No problem ... Lena will be happy to demonstrate them for you.
But first I’ll introduce you to the ballet and gymnastics school and my friends.

The ballet and gymnastics school of the Little Friends


Hooray! Every Tuesday afternoon I get to go to ballet and gymnastics school! Here’s how it looks inside. The mirror and ballet bar are important for our ballet practice. Imke and I and of course the other ballerinas are always doing different exercises there. We learn the different ballet positions of the arms and legs and extend and stretch. Of course we also dance throughout the whole room and do movement games.
The older ballerinas including Lena and Eva dance more in the center of the room. But they also do exercises on the bar since that’s part of every ballet class. “Only those who have mastered the basics can also dance well,” our teacher is always saying.
The wall bars are primarily used by the children in gymnastics practice. Lukas is particularly fond of them, and he can also climb really well. You can balance great on the balustrade on the other side of the room. Emma likes that very much. The gymnastics children also do a lot of exercises with the ball or hoop. And they need the floor mats – for protecting against falls beneath the wall bars and doing gymnastics on them. We have everything we need here for a whole lot of dance and gymnastics fun!

The ballerinas of the Little Friends


Next I want to introduce you to my big sister Lena and her friend Eva. They are both older than Imke and me and have been going to ballet class for a couple of years. That’s why they can already dance very well. They pirouette through the room, do complete step sequences, jumps, and arm movements, and they practice splits. Twice a year, Lena and Eva rehearse for a small performance in our ballet and gymnastics school, and they always wear their fantastic pink and white tutus. And the best thing: This time Imke and I are also finally taking part in the performance because by now we can dance well enough. I’m already curious what we little ballerinas will be performing.

Lena’s ballet exercises for imitating


The classical ballet exercises are sometimes really rather strenuous because you have to place yourself and move very precisely. But it does gett better and easier with time. Usually it depends on balance and flexibility. Can you touch the floor with your fingertips without bending your knees? Can you stand on one leg? Lena is showing you here a good exercise for balance: Just try raising your right leg and holding it with your right hand. You can of course also try it with the left leg and left hand. It’s best to position yourself on a blanket so that you’ll land a little more softly in case you happen to fall.
I can promise you: the more often you practice it, the easier it becomes.

The gymnastics children of the Little Friends


Sometimes I watch the gymnastic children when they are practicing. They do a lot of difference exercises and all sorts of games. Felicitas and Matze, who are also in my kindergarten class, practice in the gymnastics class. They sometimes show Imke and me their most difficult gymnastics exercises. Then we try to do them too ... but that’s not easy at all. However, Matze and Felicitas can’t do ballet either. The gymnastics children Emma and Lukas are somewhat older and therefore have been practicing gymnastics longer. It is awesome all the things that both of them can do: balance, turn cartwheels, do handstands and difficult exercises with the hoop.
Gymnastics is a lot of fun for all ages. With practice, you too can be great at it.

Felicitas’s and Matze’s gymnastics exercises for imitating


Felicitas and Matze like to fool around. That’s why they sometimes stay a little longer after gymnastics practice and try all sorts of fun. Here they’ll show you two exercises: Felicitas is practicing a headstand with crossed legs. For this it’s best to lay on a pillow on the floor and ask mom or dad to hold you by the legs. Matze is supporting herself only with the left leg and right hand on the floor while stretching the other leg and arm into the air. Here you have to nicely tighten the muscles in the stomach and back.
I’m curious what great exercise you can invent – certainly after reading about the Little Friends, you feel like doing gymnastics or dance!

Dancing, doing gymnastics, playing, and having fun

Dance movements, gymnastics exercises and much more. The most important thing is: We all have a whole lot of fun – whether we are doing ballet or are at gymnastics. And you will certainly have all sorts of fun if you could learn the right moves, right? Anyone who wants to play, dance, and do gymnastics with us more often should look here – here there’s everything for us Little Friends.

I hope you will have a lot of fun dancing and doing gymnastics,
Yours, Mali

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