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Do it Yourself

Do it yourself

Who would like to cut, glue and craft with us? Being crafty isn’t just fun, it also makes us feel happy and content. You don’t have to be a professional to use our ideas. There’s something for everyone and you will see how much fun it is to be creative with us.
Best thing would be to look at the project ideas with your parents and let them help you with the preparations. Print the instructions out and get together the materials you’ll need. If something is missing, you can find it in a craft shop or in the stationery department. But a lot of the ideas are meant to be made with stuff you already have around the house.
We hope you have lots of fun!

timetable soccer
timetable soccer
Little Friends Invitations
Little Friends Invitations
wedding present
Felting a soccer ball
Milla dress-up doll
Milla dress-up doll
Make window pictures and draw lantern pictures
St. Nicholas/Santa Claus Boots
wish list
Little Friends - wish list
Little Friends name plate

Coloring templates

Go get your colored pencils, ask your parents to help you print out the coloring pictures, and get going: you can decide what the Little Friends should look like with the coloring pictures. Use your favorite colors and decorate the pictures however you like, maybe with glitter pens or little stickers? The little artworks can be hung up in you room or given as a gift to friends, parents and grandparents.

Mali & Lilli
Camping Trip
Matze with skateboard
Bride & Groom
Vanessa & Horse Pippa
Horse Tara & Foal Abby
Imke with Rabbits
Mali in Winter
Milla dress-up doll

Welcome to our exciting world!
Theme worlds
The adventures of the Little Friends
Little Doll designer
Information for parents
Information for parents