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Life is Great on the Little Friends Farm

Have you ever had a holiday on a farm? If so, you already know how much fun a farm can be. It's in the middle of nature, surrounded by forests and fields. There's plenty of space to run around and play hide and seek, for example in the hayloft or the big garden. The farm has plenty of animals to cuddle, feed and look after. But the best thing is when you don't just visit the farm for a holiday, it's when you live here! We want to show you how nice it is here and how much there really is to discover. Please join us and come along!

This is Our Family

Before we take you on a tour of our farm, we'd like to introduce ourselves. I'm Vreni and this is my brother Nils! We have all sorts of adventures on the farm with our farmer parents Johanna and Franz and our little brother Casimir. Mom and dad are busy on the farm all day. Mom gets up really early every morning to milk the cows and feed the chickens. The fresh milk tastes really good! Sometimes we help mom milk, but most of the time we prefer to sleep a little longer. Mom also looks after the vegetable garden and makes sure that us children don't get into too much mischief and always gives us something proper to eat. Our dad Franz mucks out the stables every day, feeds the animals and then drives out onto the field in his tractor to check on the grain, harvest potatoes and corn, or collect hay. Nils would like to ride on the tractor with dad all day! I prefer looking after our donkey. When we aren't riding on the tractor or helping our parents, we like playing in the hayloft and watching the animals through the fences. We also enjoy playing with our rabbits Mimi and Hoppel, and our dog Lucky. Well then, let’s get going on our farm tour!

Our Little Farm

Like every farm, we have a stable for the animals. Ours is really nice – big and bright, with spacious, well-kept stalls so that our cows, calves, sheep, pigs and donkey can make themselves really comfortable. The big stable door and stall gates can be kept open if the weather is nice - after all, our animals are curious, and want to know what's going on outside in the courtyard. The chickens are usually strutting around out there, clucking and looking for grains or fat, juicy worms. ... Whew! There are a lot of animals aren't there? Just behind the stable door there is a ladder that leads up to the hayloft, our favorite place to play, especially with our friends. We never get bored up here – we play hide and seek, have cozy picnics and are sometimes even allowed to spend the night in the hay! Well at least Nils and I are allowed to, Casimir is still a little too young for that. The ladder isn't the only way to get up to the hayloft; outside on the stable there's a winch that's used to pull the hay up. We all need to help when it's time to do this project!

Our House and Farm Garden

We live in a cozy little farmhouse. Our mom Johanna makes sure that everything is tidy inside and outside. She has decorated the walls with pictures and herbal bouquets, and is growing a climbing rose around the front door. Do you smell that too? Mom Johanna has cooked something for lunch! What will it be today? Nils and I need to hurry! We sit at our big table and eat together every day; sometimes we craft and draw here too. Today for lunch we're eating soup with vegetables from our own garden. And for dessert mom has conjured up some waffles with strawberries. Yum! There's also a ladder leading up to the attic. We play there when the weather is too bad to go outside. Sometimes dad takes a little nap here, but don't tell mom! Even our dog Lucky has his own little house! He's very proud of his kennel, and often needs to defend it against curious chickens and rabbits who would like to have a look inside. Right next to our house is the farm garden. There's almost always something tasty to harvest there: Carrots, radish or lettuce, for example. Our cheeky chickens have learned that too.

Like a Big Adventure Playground

Our friends often come to visit us in the afternoons after kindergarten, or in the holidays. My two best friends, Lilli and Mali, always say "Your place is like a big adventure playground with petting zoo". I think they'd like to live on a farm like ours, with lots of space and cool animals. But they know me, and can always come to visit. When they do, we play with the cute piglets, spoil the rabbits with carrots and lettuce leaves, or cuddle the sheep. And every evening we fall tired into bed, and look forward to the next day on our small farm.

Welcome to our exciting world!
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