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Imke, Veterinarian in Action

Imke and Elise were in the play area and had their hands full. An open doctor's bag was next to Imke, and all sorts of stuffed animals were lying, sitting, and standing around her. "Now it's the rabbit's turn," Imke said, picking up the gray animal. "So, dear rabbit, we have to check your ears,"  Imke said. She pressed the stuffed animal into Elise's arms. "Please hold the rabbit tight, vet nurse. I'm getting my instruments and then we'll start."

Lilli und Mali approached the two girls. "What are you up to with the animals?" Mali asked. "I'm a veterinarian, and I'm taking care of all the patients here. Some of the animals are in really bad shape, and we have a whole lot of work to do. Do you want to join us?" Imke asked. "Sure!" Lilli and Mali shouted and sat down next to Imke and Elise.

"So now I'm also a veterinarian, and both of you are our assistants," Elise said. She gave Mali the stuffed rabbit and picked up a dog. "Look, Lilli, the dog sprained its paw," Elise explained to her friend. "We'll have to treat it. Can you wrap a thick bandage around its paw?" Lilli nodded and took a white bandage roll out of the doctor's bag.

"How do you know so much about animals?" Lilli asked Imke and Elise. "We have a dog at home," Elise told her. "His name is Lucky, and he has a soft white coat with black and brown spots. I like him a lot, and he often accompanies my dad when he's working as a forester in the woods." "But he didn't come along during our trip to the woods last fall," Lilli said. "That's right," Elise explained."Last fall Lucky injured his paw and couldn't go along. That's how I know that dogs sometimes need a bandage. We took Lucky to the vet, where they treated him." She checked the bandage that Lilli had wrapped around the paw of the stuffed dog.

"Yesterday we also had to go to the vet," Imke said. Mali looked really shocked. "Why? Are Muckel and Stupsi not well?" Muckel and Stupsi are Imke's rabbits. "Well, the day before yesterday both of them suddenly began to sneeze. And that's why we went to the vet yesterday. When rabbits sneeze, it can be a cold or a runny nose. And a runny nose is dangerous for rabbits," Imke told them. "The vet examined them closely and listened to them. Then they both got a shot, and the vet said that we should put a warm pillow in their cage for them. Fortunately that helped, and Muckel and Stupsi were a lot livelier this morning than they were yesterday." Mali, Elise, and Lilli were relieved. All three had visited Imke and had gotten to know both rabbits very well.


"Where is Imke? We have an emergency!" Felicitas shouted as she stormed into the group. "I'm here. What's wrong?" Imke asked. Felicitas took a deep breath and told the girls: "Milla and I were looking for the first seedlings in our flowerbeds. And there we found a beetle that was lying on its back and flailing its legs." "Oh dear, we have to go with you quickly and help," Imke said. She was already running with Elise, Mali, and Lilli to the cloakroom. The girls got dressed in no time flat and were a short time later standing next to the flowerbeds of the kindergarten. 

"Look there, there's the beetle!" Milla greeted the girls. In fact, a little beetle was lying on its back on a flagstone next to the flowerbeds. "No problem," Imke said, as she held out a leaf toward the beetle and carefully nudged it with her finger. And suddenly it was back on its feet and crawled away. "You're really good at dealing with animals," Milla said. "I find beetles are always so creepy, yuck, that makes me really shiver." "But instead you're great at comforting people," Mali said to Milla as she took her hand. "Well, I find it's easier to help people. But I don't like insects at all. And I'm also really afraid of dogs," Milla replied. "But our dog Lucky is really sweet," Elise said as the girls went into the classroom. "Maybe you'd like to come visit me sometime? Then you can get to know Lucky, and I can show you how you can handle dogs," Elise suggested to Milla. "Oh, maybe that's not a bad idea at all. I'll think about it," Milla promised her.

Mali hung up her coat next to Imke's. The friends took their places next to each other. Mali said to Imke: "It was good that you could help the beetle. You're already practically a real veterinarian." "Well, we needed a real veterinarian for Muckel and Stupsi. But we can still treat all the stuffed animals and save some beetles," Imke replied. She then pulled Mali over to the play area. "So let's get going. There are a lot of patients waiting in our veterinary practice. Felicitas and Milla, do you also want to play with us?" "Oh, I think we'd rather open a pediatrician's office," Milla replied. "Oh, yeah!" Felicitas responded and ran to the doll corner. "You're the pediatrician and I'm your assistant, ok?" Milla nodded and followed Felicitas. "Hopefully the veterinarians have left some bandages and medications," Milla said. "For sure!" Elise said. She gave Imke a stuffed tiger: "Are you coming, Veterinarian Imke? Rolls of tape have gotten out of place, so we'll have to do something about it." Imke laughed. She was happy that she was having so much fun with her friends. As soon as she gets home from kindergarten, she'll look after Muckel and Stupsi. Fortunately, her rabbits are only half sick now.


If you feel like it, you can act out the story with the Little Friends dolls or make a picture with Imke and her rabbits. For this, there is the Imke with Rabbits coloring page.

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