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Lilli Is Having a Birthday

Lilli is hopping excitedly back and forth in the front yard. Again and again she looks down the street, but there still is no one to be seen. Lilli is waiting longingly for her guests because today she is celebrating her 5th birthday. Last week she invited her friends from kindergarten to a fairy party, and she is very happy that Imke, Elise, Mali, Milla, and Felicitas are free and are all able to come.
“Lilli, please come inside right away. We still have a few things to get ready. Besides, you have your costume on, but no jacket!” Her mother has now called her for the third time. Lilly sighs and runs into the house. “But Mommy, I still want to greet all the guests.” “You can still greet them, but only when they get here. And that will take another half hour. Until then, you can help me set the table. You wanted to put the napkins on the plates and decorate the table with paper flowers, didn’t you?” “Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about it,” Lilli admits and goes with her mom into the living room.
Mom puts plates on the table, and Lilli places a napkin with colorful flowers on the plates for each of her friends. When the cups, dessert forks, pitcher with juice, and bottles of water are on the table, Mom brings in the birthday cake. It is shaped like a beautiful flower and is decorated with colorful sugar pearls. “So now your fairy table is ready,” Mom says to Lilli, and as she places the birthday train with five candles at Lilli’s place, the doorbell rings.
“Hurray, it’s starting!” Lilli rejoices, running to the door and whipping it open. Imke and Mali are standing in front, and behind them Elise and Felicitas come running up the path to the house. The girls quickly say good-bye to their parents and go with Lily into the living room. Like Lily herself, all of her friends are dressed up as fairies. Together they are admiring the beautifully set table and the birthday cake when Milla rings the doorbell. Mom accompanies her into the living room. “Now that we’re all here, you can begin unpacking the presents,” Mom says to Lilli. The girls sit down in a circle on the floor and watch what emerges from the colorfully wrapped packages: a book, a DVD, a craft kit, a game, and a puzzle. Lilli is delighted that there is such a variety of presents.
Then they all sit down at the table and eat a piece of cake. Lilli’s dad and her brother Steven look into the living room. “Oh, I’ve never seen so many beautiful fairies in my life,” Dad says and then laughs. Steven only shakes his head. He has just come from a soccer game, and his hair is totally disheveled. “Steven, first go take a shower while the girls play a few games, and then you’ll help with the fairy treasure hunt like you promised, okay?” Mom says. “But I have to eat something first. The best thing would be to give me the rest of the cake,” he says. Mom gives him a stern look – and a piece of cake. “You get just as much as all the others,” she says. Now Lilli shakes her head and grins

The girls play various fun fairy birthday party games and are having all sorts of fun. Then they all put their jackets on and start on the fairy treasure hunt. “Imagine,” Mom says, “that the dwarfs have stolen your fairy treasure because it is sparkling so beautifully. You of course want to get it back. And fortunately the dwarfs weren’t paying very good attention, and something sparkly has fallen out of the treasure chest several times on the path to the dwarf village. So you have to keep your eyes wide open and then follow them and recover the treasure.” The girls are thrilled. Lilli knows that Dad and Steven have prepared a path for the treasure hunt, but even she has no idea where it goes. So, like her friends, she is on the lookout for clues. “A pink ribbon is hanging over there on the street lamp!” Milla exclaims.  The girls run over and the next thing they see is a yellow star that is colored with chalk further down the sidewalk. “And there’s the next clue!” Mali cries, pointing to the star. The girls follow the clues back and forth throughout the entire neighborhood – and finally come to the playground. There Steven and Dad are standing, grinning. “So you clever fairies, start looking for your  treasure. In our dwarf village there are a lot of great hiding places. I’m curious to see whether you can find the treasure,” Steven says to the girls. And it is actually really difficult. Lilli and her friends spread out across the playground and look under all the bushes, behind all the playground equipment, and into all the little playhouses. “Have you found anything yet?” Lilli calls over to Mali and Imke, who are just coming out from behind a small hedge. They both shake their heads. Lilli turns around toward the bushes under which she was just about to look, and there indeed she sees something shimmering through the green foliage. “I think I have the treasure!” she exclaims as she bends apart the branches. There is in fact at the very back along the fence a box pasted over with sparkling foil. Imke and Mali are the first ones to arrive, but then Elise, Felicitas, and Milla come running over. Together they lift the lid of the box and look in. Inside they find six little boxes, various glitter pens, shimmering stickers, a variety of decorative little stones, and colorful glossy paper. “Well done, you fairies, you really showed both of those dwarfs!” Mom says as she takes the box from Lilly. “Now let’s go home and then each of you can decorate your own little treasure box. Okay?” The girls are happy and head back to Lilli’s house.  “There, you see how clever we fairies are,” Felicitas says to Steven as they leave the playground. “Exactly!” Lily confirms. “We fairies are the cleverest of all!” “Yeah, yeah!” Steven sighs, trudging behind the girls. “Don’t worry. The main thing is that the girls are having fun. And we’ll have a soccer birthday for you, okay?” Dad suggests.

Unfortunately the afternoon passes much too quickly, and the friends are already being picked up. Each of them can of course take along their little treasure box. “At home I’ll put all my treasures in it right away. I have many beautiful stones and shells from our last vacation,” Elise tells Lilli, hugging her as she leaves. “That’s a great idea. I’ll do the same thing,” Lilli says. “And then we can compare our treasures,” she suggests to her friend. “But really secretly,” Elise says, “so that the mean dwarfs don’t get any more silly ideas!” Lilli has to giggle, as she glances toward Steven and her dad, who are sitting on the sofa. “Well, they’re not real dwarfs, but both of them often get silly ideas!” she says laughing. She is very happy about the beautiful birthday party.

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