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The adventures of the Little Friends


What do the Little Friends experience? Let yourself be surprised! The stories can be read by mom, dad, grandparents or even by older siblings. Those who want to can role play the stories or make up new adventures for their Little Dolls.



is Having a Birthday

Lilli Is Having a Birthday

Lilli moved  a few days ago. She now lives in a different city because her dad got a new job there. Everybody calls the family’s new house Villa Sunshine because it has lots of big windows that the sun shines into. Lilli now has a room up in the attic and her own garden plot out in the yard. So she settled in quickly.

Imke likes to help, so she took care of Lilli on her first day of kindergarten. Just like Lilli, she really likes rabbits. She was given two rabbits for her fifth birthday a few weeks ago. Muckel is black and white, and Stupsi is all white. The rabbits have a stall and a hutch in the yard. Imke also likes to dance and takes ballet lessons.

Mali is Imke’s best friend. They take ballet lessons together and practice a lot when they’re allowed to play together after kindergarten. Mali has two older sisters who already go to school. Usually it’s great that she always has somebody to play with at home. But sometimes her two older sisters are pretty exhausting. Then Mali draws and crafts in her room.

Elise loves to play outside. The house in the suburbs where she lives has a huge yard with lots of fruit trees. Elise has a treehouse in the apple tree. Her dad built it. He’s a forest ranger and sometimes takes her and her little brother with him into the woods when he’s there with his dog Lucky.

Milla’s favorite animals are unicorns, horses and donkeys. Unfortunately she has never seen a real unicorn; she thinks that’s too bad. But luckily her aunt has a horse that shares a stall and a big corral with a donkey. Milla thinks this is great because it means she can learn to ride now. Luckily the mare Pippa is very quiet and, when her aunt leads it by its reins, Milla feels safe on the horse’s warm back.

Matze has three favorite things: dinosaurs, soccer and the police. His uncle, Felicitas’ dad, works as a policeman. Felicitas is a year younger than him, but Matze thinks it’s great that his cousin goes along with everything he suggests. When he grows up he wants to be a dinosaur researcher or a policeman.

Felicitas is a pretty wild girl. She is Matze’s cousin and really likes her older cousin. They often play dinosaur researcher, police or soccer together. But Matze is of course better because he already trains in a club. Sometimes that frustrates her. But she’ll start soccer training soon too and is already really looking forward to it.

Lilli goes
to a new kindergarten
the Soccer Star
and a day in the woods
Elise and a day in the woods
and the Magic Lantern
Milla and the Magic Lantern

and the Great Christmas Jumble

Felicitas and the Great Christmas Jumble
the Snow Fairy
Mali, the Snow Fairy
Imke, Veterinarian in Action
Imke, Veterinarian in Action

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