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The big jumping tournament at the Little Friends riding school


Hello horse lovers!

We, the Little Friends riders want to show you the best place in the whole wide world: The Little Friends horse stable, its four-legged residents and everything that comes with it. And the best thing: Today is a special day, because there is a Little Friends jumping tournament planned in the afternoon! Vanessa will take part, riding Pippa. She has been looking forward to the jumping tournament for weeks, and has been training a lot with the speckled mare. It's not easy to jump over all the obstacles quickly and without making mistakes. We're all excited to see how well Vanessa and Pippa do in the tournament.
Are you curious too? Then come along!

The Little Friends riders


Before we show you everything, we want to introduce ourselves first. We're Lisbeth, Mika and Vanessa, and we all have the same hobby: riding! We're at the riding school every day to look after the horses Leopold, Pippa and Kasper, and help with the stable work. But the best part is that we can ride every day ... in the jumping arena, through the fields, and also through the forest behind the riding school. Today we're up especially early, because the big jumping tournament is being held this afternoon. Vanessa and Mika have already put on their tournament coats. Once the horses are ready it's time to get going.
So: Get to the horse stable quickly and get the horses saddled up!

The Little Friends horse stable


Look at all the things there are to discover at the Little Friends riding school! This is the big horse stable. When we arrive the first thing we do is open the big stable door and all the windows, so that we can say hello to Pippa, Leopold and Kasper. The horse stable has three boxes, one for each of our horses. We'll tell you more about those three soon.
There's plenty to experience around the horse stable: Out the back is a hose to clean the stable and the animals. In nice weather we can open the roof so that the sun shines into the stable. There is lots of space next to the horse boxes to store feed and riding accessories. This means we always have everything handy. There's also another horse box next to the stable. It's also nice and big, and has plenty of space for a horse, feed and riding accessories.
Right in front of the stable is our riding arena: That's where we train with the horses, and practice for the Little Friends jumping tournament! There's a fence around the lawn. And later on, the riders will jump over the small and large obstacles in the field with their horses! Speaking of horses ... where are Kasper, Leopold and Pippa?

The Little Friends horses


Pippa, the white mare with the gray spots, is still in her box waiting for ... carrots! It's important to have a little something for energy before the tournament, and then tonight she'll get a big feed. Leopold, the beautiful Haflinger, is just being brought to the horse stall now. And Kasper? The brown stallion with the black mane is still frolicking around in the paddock. The riders all look after the horses together, but each of us has a favorite: Lisbeth and Leopold are best friends, and enjoy riding together. Mika manages the temperamental Kasper well, and Pippa is a great jumper, which is why Vanessa often takes her to jumping tournaments. Feeding, grooming, mucking out the stalls ... at the Little Friends riding school there's plenty of work to do, but we always have a lot of fun!
But now we need to hurry a little, it's nearly time for Vanessa and Pippa to get going!

The Little Friends jumping tournament


Look – Vanessa and Pippa are riding in the arena with the obstacles. We're all crossing our fingers! Our friend Milla is watching, and is also excited. She likes being at the riding school too.
Look, Pippa, with Vanessa on her back, are already jumping over the first obstacle – woohoo, they made it! Now it's time for the big obstacle. Pippa jumps ... but catches a bar with her back hoof. Oh no, that means they didn't manage to get over the obstacle. What a pity, but you know what? Practice makes perfect, and Vanessa and Pippa are sure to manage it next time.
At the end, every rider is presented with a small prize. Mika gives Vanessa a flower and a medal: "Don't be sad" he comforts his friend, "you were here and did well. If you keep training, then I'm sure you'll be able to win a tournament sometime soon!"
What do you think? Will Vanessa, Pippa and the others win first place at the next tournament with your help? Then ride, play and practice with us and our horses!

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