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The Little Friends friend book

Hello, I'm Lilli. Maybe you've already heard something about me, my Little Friend friends and our exciting adventures? If you don't know me and my housemates very well yet, or if you want to know more about us, I'd love to share more about us.

I, Lilli, haven't been living with Mona for all that long, which is why I still have quite a bit to learn about the world of real children. There's always plenty to laugh at when I'm around, especially because I sometimes get a little confused and use the wrong words. But it means that life is never boring!

My housemates Mali and Matze are super cool. Matze is sometimes even sillier than I am, and that can get us into trouble. Still, he's a good friend, a really good football player and skateboarder, and he has a big love for animals.

Mali is the quietest of us all. She likes reading or doing ballet. But you shouldn't underestimate her. Sometimes she's braver than all of us put together!

Our doll mother Mona is the best in the world. She visits us at the kindergarten, likes crafting and loves being outside. Thankfully she also loves playing with us, which is why we get to go along everywhere with her. She got us and the dollhouse that we live in from her parents. But the fact that we come to life as soon as the adults leave the room is our well-kept secret. Elise is also a good Little Friend of ours; she lives with Tina, Mona's friend from kindergarten. Just like the two girls, we also got along well from the very first day, and we play together as much as possible. I can learn a lot from her because she’s very smart, for example about horses. I admire that about her. Just in case you're as curious as I am, and want to learn more about me and my friends, I've copied the interesting pages from my first friend book for you!

About me


I am: Lilli

My favorite animal: Rabbit, hedgehog, squirrel

What I like to eat best: Noodles with tomato sauce, cake

My favorite thing to wear: Pink dresses

My favorite color: Pink

What I like to do best: Sing & make music, listen to stories, look at picture books, play in the garden

My best friends: Mali & Matze

My friends


My name: Matze

My favorite animal: Dog, dinosaur

My favorite color: Blue

What I like to eat best: Spaghetti Bolognese

My favorite thing to wear: Jeans, my red hat

What I like to do best: Play football or secret agents, skateboard


My name: Mali

My favorite animal: Sheep, cat

My favorite color: Green

What I like to eat best: Schnitzel with French fries, strawberries

My favorite thing to wear: My green polka-dot skirt

What I like to do best: Playing fairies, reading (I taught myself), ballet


My name: Mona

My age: 4 years

I live with: My mom and dad

I am: The doll mother of Lilli, Mali, Matze

What I like to do best: Crafting, having adventures, playing with Lilli, Mali and Matze, playing flute


My name: Elise

My favorite animal: Cat, tiger

My favorite color: Green, red

What I like to eat best: Pancakes, waffles

My favorite thing to wear: My pink hat, striped shirts

What I like to do best: Play football & pretend to be a jungle explorer



I’m this old: 4 years

My favorite animal: Bear, elephant, dinosaur

What I like to eat best: Pizza

My favorite thing to wear: My red overalls

My favorite color: Red, orange

What I like to do best: Climb, romp around, be silly, play ball



I’m this old: 5 years

My favorite animal: Unicorn, horse, donkey

What I like to eat best: Mashed potatoes, bratwurst

My favorite thing to wear: Leggings, dresses, skirts

My favorite color: Red, white, yellow

What I like to do best: Ride (on my aunt’s horse), play games, put together puzzles

Welcome to our exciting world!
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