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Welcome to our exciting world!

Learn more about the Little Friends world, and join us as we do gymnastics, dance or ride our horses!

Our Little Friends family lives very comfortably in the cozy Villa Sunshine! Four generations live under one roof here – so there's always a lot happening.

You are guaranteed never to get bored on our farm! There’s much to experience every day, and Little Friends are always discovering something new.

The horse riding school is always busy. Whether riding or competing at the big jumping tournament – we have heaps of fun with the horses and our riding friends.

When we are dancing or doing gymnastics, time really flies in the ballet and gymnastics school. We keep busy doing pirouettes, handstands and twirling the hula hoop throughout the day.

Would you like to know more? Little Friends can hardly wait to show you our world. Please join us and have a look!

A wildly exciting visit to the Zoo with Little Friends
Summer at the beach: Camping vacation with the Little Friends
An exciting day at the Little Friends veterinary clinic
Let’s go outside: Playing in the Little Friends’ tree house and garden
The Little Friends friend book
The big jumping tournament at the Little Friends riding school
Life is Great on the Little Friends Farm
Ballet and Gymnastics Fun with the Little Friends
Ballet and Gymnastics Fun with the Little Friends
Welcome to the Little Friends Family!

Little Friends on Tour
The adventures of the Little Friends
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