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Welcome to the Little Friends Family!


Hello, my name is Steven!


Today I’d like to introduce you to the extended Little Friends family. We are a really good team and always have a lot of fun together. The Little Friends family is very large, and each family member has different interests – you probably know that from your own family, don’t you? I’m sure you want to find out where we live and what we like to do in our free time. So, let’s get started!

Come on in to Villa Spring Morning!


Look, that’s the Villa Spring Morning! All the family members live here under one roof. On the first floor are the bedrooms and a large kitchen, where it always smells yummy. ... Is your dad also a good cook like Papa Michael? On the second floor are the children’s rooms, which are all furnished really colorfully. Here there are also a whole lot of awesome toys! You may have already noticed: It never gets boring at our house! You still don’t know the whole Little Friends family at all, do you? Well, come along, and I’ll introduce them to you!

Grandma Elli


I especially like Grandma Elli. Do you know what Grandma Elli can do really well? Tell stories! Surely your grandma has also told you a story or fairy tale once or twice, hasn’t she? On top of everything, Grandma Elli is the world’s best baker! Her cakes taste especially good ... mmm, yummy! As you see here, Grandma Elli is also very neat and tidy. I’ll admit: I could still learn a whole lot from her in that regard.

Grandpa Kurt


Grandpa Kurt is always relaxed and in a good mood. He’s often outside in the garden. He also plays with us there now and then!
He’s always willing to listen to anyone. If one of us is having a bad day or is sad, right away, he’s there for us.
What’s more, Grandpa Kurt always has the right advice ready, so that small problems quickly dissolve into thin air.

Dad Michael


Dad Michael is a true master chef! Here you see him in his fantastic kitchen, which is of course equipped with a lot of kitchen utensils. When I play together with the children from the neighborhood, it sometimes makes me really tired and hungry. But fortunately Dad Michael can whip up yummy snacks for us very quickly when our stomachs are growling really loudly.

Mom Katrin


No matter whether she’s gardening, cooking, or babysitting – Mom Katrin can simply do everything!
Do you know what she has an especially great talent for? Decorating and furnishing the Villa Spring Morning! Look, Mom Katrin chose the furniture for the children’s room herself!
It looks great, doesn’t it?



Here you see Mette with her friend Imke. Mette is exactly my age, and we get together often to do fun things! We especially like to play with the ball. The hula hoop is also a lot of fun for us and sometimes we even have a competition together with the other children. Whoever manages to twirl the hula hoop the longest around their waist wins. Have you already tried it? It’s not so easy, I can tell you. Try it out at home yourself!

Marie and Max


There are the two youngest members of the family, the babies Marie and Max. But don’t be fooled: They both look really cute, but they know every trick in the book! Sometimes they are really sweet and innocent. Especially when they are being pushed in their stroller or are sitting on the rocking horse, as that’s great fun for them. But now and then they can be really loud and get out of control. But you know what? That doesn’t matter to me – because at least it never gets boring in the Little Friends family.

Have the Little Friends captured your heart?
Here there’s everything for us Little Friends.

Welcome to our exciting world!
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