Experience HABA

At HABA we are working for what is most important in the world: children and their families. This is the best reason for us each and every day to invest a great deal of energy and passion in developing and manufacturing products that will delight children and win over their parents.

But we offer much more besides games and toys. We would like to accompany children, parents, and families in many areas of their lives: with stories and activities that will light up a child’s eyes, tips and tricks that will brighten everyday family life, suggestions and ideas that will allow the imagination to bubble forth – in short, everything that will enrich life with children.

With us, you can experience HABA completely. Dive into new worlds with us! Let yourself be inspired by great ideas throughout the course of the year! Find fantastic tips and tricks for everyday family life with children! And take time to play. It's worth it! New articles that make HABA a special experience will appear regularly.

Discover new worlds

Are you acquainted with Titus Tentakel, who guards a fabulous hoard of gold? Or the sweet Princess hand puppet that lets you experience new stories again and again? We would like to introduce you to both these characters and many others as well!

Come see what stories are hidden behind these characters and which worlds you can still discover with HABA.

Child’s play throughout the year

Everyday life with children is often turbulent and one appointment follows another. But many events such as birthdays, Easter, and Christmas, the first day of Kindergarten, or the first day of school, as well as special trips or a picnic in the park, make life with children worthwhile. With our suggestions, getting through the year is child’s play!

Tips & tricks

When cake comes to the table as a Dino or Pony and homemade ice cream has funny monster faces, then HABA is not far away. Often it is the little details that make everyday life with children more beautiful. Whether fabulous recipes or tips for the next children’s birthday party – you’ll find many practical things here for your family.

Time for play

Slip into new roles, become a knight or princess, take care of the little ones as a doll mom, build action-packed ball tracks – at play, children and parents enter into new worlds. Children enjoy acting out the grownup world on a small scale. And the whole family can go on awesome adventures with board games. The imagination knows no limits – whether for grownups or little ones – when it has room to develop.