The development steps of babies and toddlers


Baby's lives are full of firsts. Babies experience, see, smell and feel everything for the very first time. They learn new things, understand them and can do more every single day. They explore their world in small steps, but at the same time extremely fast – winning the hearts of their families and caregivers.

We want to take you on a small journey through the most important development steps that every child goes through in their first 24 months of life, each on their own schedule. After all, when you know what's going on with your little one you can optimally support their development – for example with our imaginative and age-appropriate toys.

At HABA, you will find just the right thing for every age group.

In the first three months of their lives, babies need the closeness and security of the family more than anything else. Slowly, their visual and acoustic perception develops. Besides this, baby’s first, adorable smile appears!

Between the 4th and 6th months babies begin to develop motor skills. Now the first toys are discovered with interest and with all the senses.

From their 7th month to their first birthday, language development makes huge progress: from simple babbling to the first, clearly understandable sounds. Acoustic perception continues to develop accordingly, just as mobility increases in leaps and bounds.

By the age of one, babies have already become toddlers: they can also occupy themselves now and then, have a strong urge to move, and can further develop their fine motor skills with suitable toys.

Between their 19th and 24th months, children run, jump, and dance through their daily lives. They can make themselves understood, perhaps already form simple sentences, and immerse themselves in the colorful world of role-playing.