Be naturally creative!


Carving and crafting is child’s play with Terra Kids

Fascinated with carving? Definitely! To carve, you need a knife with a sharp metal blade – this alone makes it appealing to children, because they feel proud that they are being trusted to take on such a grown-up responsibility. With the Terra Kids carving products, children get the right tools for their little hands, can work in almost the same way as their grown-up role models and get the feeling that adults trust them and take them seriously. This is precisely why it makes sense for children to learn and practice carving and crafting.

Rules, careful instruction and occasional monitoring by adults are naturally important. Then children can let their creativity and imagination run wild when carving – and be justifiably proud of what they achieve. For these reasons we can confidently say that children carving is no problem! We have great wood crafting ideas for you.

Tips and tricks – how to craft and carve with your kids

Decorate your home with a beautiful wooden picture frame!

Build your own picture frame? With our instructions it’s child’s play! It’s time to saw, carve, cut and be creative. A beautiful customized wooden picture frame is created step by step. In the end, there is only one question left unanswered – where do you want to hang your new DIY photo frame?

What you need:





1. Look for branches and use the Terra Kids Saw to cut them to approximately the same length. You can simply saw off protruding branches. Thin twigs can also be cut off using the universal shears.

2. After trimming them down, protruding bits can be filed down with the Terra Kids Wood Rasps.
3. Next, cut off a sufficiently long piece of the cord and tie the branches together to form a square.
4. Choose a photo or picture that you particularly like. To attach the image to the frame, pierce or punch small holes in the corners of the photo. Then thread short pieces of cord through the holes and tie the photo to the frame.
5. Finally, tie a piece of cord to the two upper corners of the branches to hang the frame. And you’re all done!

DIY forest mobile made easy – bring the forest to the (children’s) room!

A different kind of mobile? One from the forest! We have a great wooden craft idea for you. The next time you go on a walk in the forest together you can collect various natural materials. Use them to make your very own forest mobile at home. And the best thing is that no matter where you hang it up, it will always remind you of your adventure in the forest.


What you need:


How to

1.Saw the branch to the desired length using the Terra Kids Saw. Thin branches can be cut using the universal shears. The branch forms the “roof” of your mobile. If you wish, the ends can be filed with the Terra Kids Wood Rasps until they are nice and smooth.

2. Cut off three pieces of the cord and knot them on the branch evenly spaced from each other.
3. Now knot or tie your found objects to the cords.
4. Finally, cut off a long piece of the cord to hang the mobile. Tie this to the left and right ends of the branch. Your beautiful forest mobile is finished!