Inhalt Boom, Bang, Gold

Gold has been discovered in the sleepy village of Old Town. Things have been crazy ever since! Infected by the gold rush fever, everyone is grabbing sticks of dynamite and throwing them into the gold mine. Now you need to be fast and have a good eye ... otherwise you'll go home empty-handed!

The sticks of dynamite land in the gold mine with a BOOOOM, and make the boulders fly around everywhere.


And now: be quick and snap up the valuable nuggets before the other players. But beware: the explosion also startled some ghosts and other scary animals.


The person who manages to collect the most nuggets in their gold chest at the end of the game wins the fast-paced hunt for gold.

In Boom, Bang, Gold, the players set out on a fast-paced and action-packed search for gold – not something for the fainthearted! Innovative playing material provides an exciting explosion effect. In short: entertaining playing fun for the whole family with high replay appeal.

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Alexandre Emerit, born 1977 in Paris, manages the environmental department of a nature reserve near Fontainebleau. He inherited his passion for games from his grandmother, who always loved playing card and dice games with her friends and family. He has been designing his own board games for the past two years. "Boom, Bang, Gold" is his first published game.


Timo Grubing, born 1981, studied illustration at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, and since graduating in 2007 has moved back to his birth city of Bochum. As a freelance illustrator he has worked in a variety of fields: he illustrates children's books, school books and games, and regularly works for magazines and agencies.