Happy Birthday, HABA The Orchard!


35 years of children's laughter.
35 years of a sense of community.
35 years of fun playing.

For 35 years, The Orchard has inspired children and families around the world with the idea of playing together against Theo the cheeky raven. It's no wonder!  Easy rules and lovingly designed wooden figures make The Orchard from HABA a real classic that is indispensable in children's rooms!


For the smallest fruit explorers from 1/2 year

Playfully discover the world with Theo the raven: extra large for small children's hands – get it now!


For little hobby gardeners ages 1 and over

The perfect introduction to The Orchard play world – win together against Theo the raven now!


For advanced cheeky fruits ages 2 and over

Protect The Orchard against Theo the cheeky raven with fun, luck, and skill.


For professional raven conquerors ages 3 and over

The Orchard fun for fans and family – try it out together now!

Everyone harvests fun in the world of The Orchard

Much has happened in 35 years! HABA offers an entire The Orchard family. The Orchard is of course celebrating its anniversary in a "festive dress" with a particularly attractive, limited anniversary edition of the classic game in a high-quality metal tin.

Set the stage for Ravens & Co.

Anything is possible! For example, slip into a wide variety of roles and enter the stage of The Orchard Puppet Theatre with creative game ideas ...

we have made a start:

Add color to the pictures – do you recognize the parts of The Orchard? With your imagination, Theo & co. become colorful and lively!

35 years of The Orchard? The time is ripe to celebrate! 

Preschool teacher Anneliese Farkaschovsky came up with the concept as part of a competition in 1985. The Orchard game is now available around the world in eleven languages and is no longer just a favorite classic game in Germany. That's a reason to celebrate!


The principle: winning together is better ...

Is it best not to tangle with Theo the raven? It depends! Children love The Orchard above all because of how it is played; everyone plays together against the cheeky raven. The cooperative play is what makes the cheerful colored dice game so exciting and popular with children.


The time is ripe to discover!

The focus is on playing fun. Children love The Orchard, and children experience team spirit, learn how to roll a die, take turns and learn patience through play. And the littlest ones go looking for fruit: plum to plum, apple to apple. And presto, they have naturally arranged colors and shapes.