Active Kids-games from HABA

It's a topic that has troubled society for years; children from around the world are becoming less active and more overweight. In reality everyone knows that healthy nutrition and more movement would help tremendously. So far, so good ... however life and technology interrupts and we know that most people have an inner couch potato that is unfortunately our constant, annoying companion. But the more regularly children manage to overcome their inner couch potato in their younger years, and get moving, the easier it will be for them later in life. This is precisely where the Active Kids games can help; the Active Kids games playfully awaken young children's natural urge to move. Simple rules and short game play allow for the games to be quickly and easily integrated into everyday life. Fun and play for everyone, not just the couch potatoes.

Dog Rally – Active Kids

The players take on the role of a dog and chase the rolling toy. Delicious treats fall out as it rolls across the floor. The fastest player to collect the right dog treats wins the Dog Rally.

Socken zocken – Active Kids

The players run between the various laundry baskets and quickly distribute their socks. You'll quickly be out of breath! But watch out: there are some important sock rules, and dirty socks create additional chaos. The first player to get rid of all their socks wins.

Animal Actions – Active Kids

The players show how well they can imitate the actions of their animal friends. Who will be fastest to imitate a spinning chicken or a dancing donkey? In each round a different player is the judge, and decides who best imitated the action.

Rhino Hero – Active Kids

Rhino Hero and his super hero friends easily grab the slime balls, balance them on their cape and transport them as quickly as possible back to the headquarters. Heroes can't let themselves get flustered by the other players, instead they need to show skill and courage as they transport more and more slime balls every round.