A healthy power lunch as a second breakfast

Some school children wake up early, race to the table and ravenously devour their  cereal or toast for breakfast. On the other hand, others sit at the table and hardly eat anything - either because they are half asleep or too excited. Because a school day is quite long, children need a healthy snack for the breaks, which keeps them full for longer and gives them the energy boost they need. The best is a healthy snack which is made up of wholegrain bread, juicy fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables and milk products, and is a little different every day. A boring lunch often stays uneaten in the lunchbox. With a little imagination and some ideas from HABA, you can pep up your child's second breakfast and create a really delicious power lunch.

Doesn't just look good enough to eat, it's also delicious: a refreshing fruit snack, crunchy sausage skewers and a colorful wholegrain sandwich.

And this healthy power lunch is easy to make:

Melon and apple stars 

  • Wash 1 apple and cut it into 1-2 cm thick slices
  • Cut 1 piece of watermelon into 1-2 cm thick slices
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of the apple and watermelon slices (or a different shape)
  • Set aside the apple stars with the core and replace them with the melon stars

Sausage and tomato skewers

  • Cut sausage into small pieces
  • Cut cherry tomatoes into slices
  • Thread the ingredients alternately onto a toothpick

Wholegrain sandwich

  • Cut a slice of wholegrain bread in half
  • Spread cream cheese on one half of the bread
  • Lay slices of cucumber and half a slice of turkey breast on the cream cheese
  • Now lay half a slice of cheese on the turkey breast
  • Arrange finely cut slices of carrot on the cheese
  • Finally, garnish with rocket leaves and place the second half of the wholegrain bread on top

TIP: Fix the sandwich with 1-2 toothpicks so that it doesn't fall apart! Important: Make sure that any toothpicks are easily visible so that your child can easily take them out before taking a bite of the sandwich. 

Refreshing drink: Lemon and mint water

  • Fill one Mini Monster water bottle with still or carbonated water
  • Cut 1 slice of untreated lemon into four and place in the bottle
  • Add 1 stalk of fresh mint and let it infuse for around 1 hour
Children's mouths are sure to water when they see this: Fruit, vegetables, nuts and a delicious wholegrain sandwich.

"Berry and nut muffins" a little different 

  • Place 1 paper or silicone muffin form in the lunchbox
  • Fill it with various nuts or berries; this means nothing can slip away and everything stays organized in the lunchbox

Fruit and vegetable snack

  • Whether grapes, cherries or plums... the free space next to the muffin form is perfect for filling with delicious seasonal fruit.
  • A delicious vegetable snack for lunch or other breaks: cherry tomatoes. Simply wash 5-6 cherry tomatoes and place them next to the wholegrain sandwich.