A successful treasure hunt - ideas and templates for laid-back preparations

Let the treasure hunt begin!

As with any other (motto-)children's birthday party, we recommend the HABA Children's Birthday Checklist. You should design and distribute the invitations 2 or 3 weeks before the birthday. Use the HABA Find the Code template for invitations to children's birthday party - either with a pirate motif or in fantasy style:



HABA Template for Fantasy Invitation Card
HABA Template for Pirates Invitation Card

Luckily the treasure hunt can start with "Find the Code" in all weather:  if it is raining, cloudy or cold, it can be played inside - and, even better, if the weather is nice outside, e.g. as a photo treasure hunt. Depending on the effort involved, it might be a good idea to involve good friends or family members in organizing the event. The basic steps for preparing the treasure hunt are always the same. These are described in the instruction booklet:

  1. Select the puzzle card
  2. Set the right number code in the padlock
  3. Fill up the treasure chest, for example, with small HABA cards, tins or souvenir games, dolls from the HABA Little Friends series as well as accessories from the HABA shop series, gifts, Terra Kids or small, sweet treats of gummi bears and chocolate (gold coins are particularly popular')
    You will find further suggestions under treasures and little gifts for large and small treasure hunters.
  4. Lock the treasure chest with the combination lock
Finally, you place the puzzle card, the pieces of the treasure map puzzle and the character in the puzzle box and hide them together with the treasure chest. An exciting story in the instructions creates the right atmosphere and provides helpful information so that the children can dive right into the adventure. Maybe you can help the children with clues to find the hiding place and solve the puzzles.

Souvenirs for proud treasure hunters

After a successful treasure hunt, you can take photographs of the little adventurers together and give them a special treat: Give them an personal certificate! You can download the templates here. Just print ithem off, fill them in and all treasure hunters will have a great souvenir to keep!


Food and drink for lucky hunters

Adventurers get hungry: Whether you provide a classic birthday cake (possibly in the form of a treasure chest) at the start of the party, muffins as supplies on the photo treasure hunt or a picnic outside after the treasure has been successfully released - with tasty nibbles and sweet snacks they can round off every treasure hunt with a delicious feast.