An exciting Treasure Hunt for Children's Birthdays with "Find the code" by HABA

"Dear Adventurers, imagine that you are in a forest and you discover a mysterious stone gateway. At first you feel a little uneasy, but then you step through the gate and suddenly find yourself surrounded by a fantastic world. You immediately fall under the spell of the magical atmosphere. Suddenly you discover a treasure chest that looks valuable. What could it be hiding? You are keen to find out, but then you discover that the box is locked with a combination. You will also find a box with a puzzle card, a play figure and pieces of a puzzle that might belong to a treasure map. All of this seems like it's connected and may help you find the treasure. Can you crack the number code to open the treasure chest?"

That special appeal of searching for treasure

A treasure hunt will turn every children's birthday party into a unique experience. Finding and opening the treasure chest filled with candy and surprises is the definite high-point, but there is a saying that applies here too - it's better to travel than to arrive. A treasure hunt will inspire all kinds of personalities, from the more reticent girls and boys to the real daredevils. Everyone can use their abilities in this cooperative game and become a treasure hunter. Searching together for solutions to tasks, solving tricky puzzles and finding hiding places together will create bonds and lasting memories.

On your mark, get set, go!


At HABA we know how little time there is available for ideas and how much creative space it takes between work and family life to prepare for a birthday party.    So with "Find the Code" we have prepared (almost) everything you could need for an exciting treasure hunt at your birthday party:  an attractive metal treasure chest to be filled individually, including an exciting treasure map to be solved, puzzle cards with different levels of difficulty and an adjustable combination lock for endless new puzzle adventures - for children aged 5 to 10. The visual puzzles do not rely on written words.

Find the Code – from an idea to a magnificent treasure chest

First of all there was the search for ideas


Antje Gleichmann, a member of the editorial team of Game and Book at HABA and Kai Haferkamp, successful author of children's games, ensured that a few good ideas were turned into a tangible, flexible game concept. Antje Gleichmann had the idea for "Find the Code" while organizing a treasure hunt at a children's birthday party. She was inspired by the constant hype around exit and escape games. Antje says: "Solving puzzles as a team to get out of a locked room or crack a code is fascinating, and not just for grown-ups." With "Find the code," she has devised two original puzzle games for children: "Find the Code – Pirate Island" and "Find the Code – Fantasy Land” mainly differ from each other in their themes. With minimal effort, each of these help parents to start an exciting treasure hunt for children over and over again.

Careful, it's contagious! Treasure chest discoverers get game fever!

Game co-author Kai Haferkamp was also immediately enthusiastic about HABA's idea of developing a treasure hunt for children. "A real treasure chest and a combination lock are already seen as being enormously challenging. For me it was really important to playfully connect with it and create a dense, exciting treasure hunt atmosphere that is inspiring. At the same time, I wanted to enable the children to quickly get started with familiar play and tactile elements. With the lovingly designed puzzle treasure map, we have managed to do this. It is the basis on which the puzzles are built, what allows players to immerse themselves in the world in question. At the same time, it serves as a game board for a character, one that enables you to visualize the progress of the treasure hunt and understand it more clearly. In addition, there are the puzzles that do without any wording and are practically self-explanatory through the use of symbols."

In short: maximum fun for minimum effort

"Find the Code" turns all children into courageous, enthusiastic treasure hunters. Even at the start of the treasure hunt, action and adventure are in the air. Excitement and anticipation are constantly mounting and the search for the treasure is exciting and entertaining. Co-author Kai Haferkamp feels the same way: "Spending time together with Antje Gleichmann thinking about the content and the perfect visual design of these puzzles and going on a treasure hunt together to test them has meant that the work on this game has become something very special for me, and I feel like the two products created in this way have become a real treasure trove!