We are popping corks, letting balloons fly up and confetti rain down – Animal upon Animal is turning 10 years old!


When penguin and toucan are stacked on sheep and monkey, it’s not necessarily a case for the SPCA. And if you find a silver crocodile in a box, there’s no need to call the authorities. This is clearly a case of Animal upon Animal birthday exuberance. To celebrate this special event, we present a birthday version of the game, delightfully packaged and with a unique creature inside – a silver-colored crocodile.


Made in Germany – at home all over the world

For 10 years, monkey, snake and frill-necked lizard have been stacked in children’s rooms all over the world. From Germany to America to Japan, children and adults have opened their hearts to the small wooden animals, sustainably produced in Germany, and there they have stayed. The stacking fever has also infected Finland, where the most Animal upon Animal games have been sold per capita and worldwide.


Stack until they drop

Only the most dexterous, with nerves of steel, comes out triumphant in this exciting game. But more important than who will win, is the question, “How high can we go this round?” To help you be optimally prepared for Animal upon Animal, we have compiled several crucial (but not too seriously to be taken) facts about crocodile, monkey & co. We wish you and your family enormous pleasure reading, playing and stacking!

Did you know …


The frill-necked lizard

When danger lurks, like when it’s time to brush its teeth or tidy up the room, the frill-necked lizard flares its frill to shield itself from peril. The frill can then measure up to 30 cm in circumference, which is big enough to hide an entire soccer ball. Isn’t that practical?


The toucan

“Fruit alert!” shrieks the toucan. Toucans really love fruit and will gobble cherries, apples and bananas down, or any other form of fruit they can get into their giant beak.


The penguin

An emperor penguin can weigh up to 40 times more than its smallest cousin, the fairy penguin, can. To make sure an emperor penguin doesn’t accidentally sit on a fairy penguin, they should wear glasses, because on land, penguins are shortsighted.


The sheep

Did you know that a sheep could weigh up to 200 kg? That’s as much as three grown men together, Daddy and his two best friends.


The snake

Some people get the horrors when it’s time to visit the dentist. Not the snake! Snakes don’t need a dentist at all. If one of their teeth breaks, the next one is just waiting to grow back as quick as a flash! Isn’t that great?


The crocodile

The crocodile lives in many countries in Africa, in North and South America, in Asia and in Australia. He lives well and happy in a yellow game box with many other animals.


The monkey 

Although some people think calling you a ‘monkey’ is a bad name, there are many cultures where the monkey is honored as particularly wise and clever. Some cultures even consider him as sacred animal. Mr. Monkey is not as silly as one might think!