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New products for Fall 2019


So far, the 2019 year in games has been a truly outstanding one for us in the truest sense of the word, as we have won the coveted title of "Spiel des Jahres" (Children's Game of the Year) for the second time in a row with "Valley of the Vikings". And our twisting memory game "Hugo’s Hodgepodge" has been voted "Spiele Hit 2019" (Hit Game 2019) in Austria.


Valley of the Vikings from HABA is the "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2019" (Children’s Game of the Year 2019)


We've done it again! With "Valley of the Vikings", we have won the renowned title "Kinderspiel des Jahres” (Children's Game of the Year) for the second time in a row. Together with the authors Marie and Wilfried Fort as well as illustrator Maximilian Meinzold, we are delighted to receive this great accolade.


Valley of the Vikings nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2019"


This year we're doubly pleased: Valley of the Vikings invites children ages 6 years and older to an adventurous contest, and has been nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2019 ("Children's Game of the Year 2019")." With Barnyard Bunch, another of our games impressed the Jury "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2019" ("jury of Children's Game of the Year") , and is on the "Empfehlungsliste" ("recommended list").


Nature is pure adventure


When children are out and about, it is naturally all about getting some fresh air, but that’s not all. Being outdoors means getting your circulation going, training your muscles, reducing stress and aggression, all while having fun!


HABA Spring Novelties 2019


This year the Nuremberg International Toy Fair is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The entire international toy industry is celebrating, and of course so are we.  HABA was one of the first exhibitors at Nuremberg, and once again in 2019 we will be presenting over 250 new products there, including those from Little Friends and Kullerbü ranges. These are only two of our toy categories that have won the hearts of countless children; HABA will continue to expand on these product ranges.


New Head of Marketing and Sales for the HABA Brand


On January 1, 2019, Wolfgang Pöhlau became the head of HABA Marketing and Sales. He succeeds Michael Hopf, who until his retirement will act as a consultant for the entire HABA Family of Companies.



New HABA items of Fall 2018


This year, we have many reasons to celebrate at HABA – and we’re not just talking about the 80th anniversary of the company. It is also because we have received a very special award: Dragon’s Breath, our exciting collecting game launched last year, was named as “Kinderspiel des Jahres 2018” (2018 Children’s Game of the Year).


Dragon’s Breath from HABA wins “Kinderspiel des Jahres 2018” (“Children’s Game of the Year 2018”)


We have been very excited waiting for the upcoming award ceremony, since the nomination was announced – fingers crossed, of course. Together with the authors, Lena and Günter Burkhardt and the illustrator Daniel Döbner, we are all most delighted that Dragon´s Breath has become the “Kinderspiel des Jahres 2018” (“Children’s Game of the Year 2018”)!


HABA Celebrates 80th Company Anniversary


Together with the entire HABA Family of Companies, HABA is celebrating a major birthday this year as a corporate brand. The modern family-owned company, internationally active and rich in tradition, is turning 80 years old. It is of course an excellent reason to celebrate but an especially good occasion to say thanks – with a large scale anniversary campaign, “80 Years. 80 Good Deeds.” Under this motto, the complete HABA Family of Companies will be sharing some joy at least eighty times between April 2018 and April 2019, one good deed for every company year.


It’s Better Outdoors: With Terra Kids from HABA, Children Rediscover Nature


Carve a fun figure from a branch ... Examine a bug closely under a magnifying glass ... Camp in the backyard in summer and take an exciting night walk at midnight. For children, there are countless adventures to experience in nature – and what is always important is having the right equipment.


HABA Spring Novelties 2018


This year, you will reunite with several dear friends, such as the Little Friends. The immensely popular Play World of HABA’s bendable dolls has been greatly expanded! Every day, many four-legged patients are lovingly treated at the modern, well-equipped Little Friends Veterinary Clinic. You will also see that many new animals are now at home on the Little Friends Farm.



HABA Fall New Products: colorful, musical & wildly cool


Something is happening again this fall with the Little Friends: The farmhouse special edition is here with four cute figures for free!


New at HABA: The Little Friends discover rural life


In recent years, the Little Friends dolls from HABA have won over the hearts of many children worldwide. No wonder – they are particularly clever, sugar-sweet, and are ready for any bit of nonsense.


Rhino Hero by HABA captures the hearts of game fans of all ages


You automatically associate rhinos with a massive animal with a large head and short, powerful legs. And naturally also with the striking horns that rhinos have either one or two of depending on the species. In real life rhinos are unquestionably impressive animals. At HABA they are superheroes and even have a name: Rhino Hero. The heroic stacking game for the whole family has in recent years become a top seller in the HABA games range. And now there's Rhino Hero – Super Battle, the new action-packed 3D stacking game with wildly strong superheroes.


Kullerbü play tracks ensure endless play and driving fun.


Jump into the car and have fun playing with the exciting Kullerbü play tracks. As well as wooden balls with funny faces, there are also vehicles whizzing through the colorful play landscape. The speedster with momentum motor keeps driving on its own after a push start, and any Kullerbü ball can fit in the sleek ball-convertible. The play track All Over the Place, for example, has three different set up variants. The intersection and cool turntable switch bring even more variety to Kullerbü play, as they make new, exciting track layouts possible.


HABA Spring novelties 2017: Strong as a bear & beautiful as a dream


Little Friends discover life in the country! Franz and Johanna have a new farm with all the favorite animals: cow and calf, donkey, pig, and loads more. There are also many new additions to Little Friends dollhouse, such as a variety of play sets, novel furnishings and new dolls, bringing delightful enhancements to playtime fun.



HABA-Fall novelties…cheerful colors, endless diversity and fantastic fun!


Naturally, HABA has given special attention to Little Friends and the Kullerbü Play world this fall. The Ball Track Twist & Spin lets balls zoom through two consecutive ball steep curves, building up maximum acceleration!


The Kullerbü Play World from HABA is growing


In the past year, the Kullerbü ball tracks from HABA have conquered children’s rooms worldwide. Thanks to the clever click system and exciting special effects, building the ball tracks has become even more colorful and versatile for children from 2 years and up. In the meantime, the Kullerbü play world has grown substantially – with new ball tracks and play tracks for vehicles, in which jolly ball convertibles, speedsters with momentum motors, or a train whiz through the tracks.


Karuba from HABA is nominated for “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the year) 2016


The nomination of Karuba for “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the year) 2016 confirms the positive resonance of enthusiastic players and the great appeal of the exciting tile-based game. We are especially delighted because the HABA product range has only included family games since fall 2015.


Playfully greet springtime with Little Garden and Hanna Honeybee from HABA


When the spring sunshine awakens nature’s first buds, sprouts and blossoms, all gardeners, small and large, begin the gardening season. Gardening is a wonderful activity for children. Outside in the fresh springtime air, they learn much about how nature works as they sow and tend flowers and vegetables, and of course, when they reap their delicious rewards!


HABA Press information Spring 2016


This year the popular ball track system Kullerbü, for children from 2 years, will be expanded with cool play tracks. They mean that not only exciting effect balls, but also cool vehicles can race through the play landscapes: Ball-convertibles, speedsters with motors and a train track. And the best thing about the Kullerbü play landscape: all the ball track and play track elements can be combined with one another!