Bake sand cakes, dig holes and build castles with sand toys by HABA


When you talk about a sand toy, most people immediately think of shovels, buckets, sieves and molds - and rightly so. But here at HABA, sand toys means so much more. For example, sophisticated sand vehicles inspire children with their abundance of play features and can be used to dredge, transport, sieve, flatten and even water the sand.

Welcome to the creative Sun Bistro Sand Café

All little sandy bakers are welcome in the HABA Sun Bistro, as they can bake, cook, decorate and serve whatever dishes the like - as long as they're made of sand of course! Kids can conjure up a variety of savory and sweet treats in no time. And it's not long until Mom and Dad get served the best pound cake in the world.

When you play with water as well as sand, then the fun is to be had in making a mess  - in the truest sense of the word: The funnel by HABA lets kids decorate sand cakes, or draw funny traces in the sand.

Sand toys with fun guaranteed

You can dig around in the sandbox from spring to fall. Children are always in their element when they are allowed to thoroughly dig and splash around... and they are also welcome at the Sand Water Workshop and the Great Sand Mud Workshop!

When the leaves have fallen from the trees and the cold November weather has a firm grip on us, it's time for the sand builders to take a break. But once the first snowflakes have fallen, they can start again: This is because HABA sand toys are also ideal for playing in the snow. The cakes made in the sandy Sun Bistro are just as beautiful when made with snow. 

HABA sand toys can be used all year round. They're made to be sturdy and the high quality therefore ensures that they last for a long time. That's why our products come with a 5-year warranty.

HABA Water Toys - a sparkling pleasure

Sand is a great building material! But it can get all over the house after a day at the beach or an afternoon on the playground. This is because from the moment the little ones get home, they trail sand from their shoes and jacket pockets, and it even gets into their hair and diapers. So the evening means it time for a bath to create large foam mountains and have a lot of fun! The HABA watercraft surprises water lovers with its great play features and the sophisticated spray figures let them plunge, push... and even spray little water fountains into the air! This makes children happy as they will quickly discover: That they can not only clean their hair, but the bathroom too!