Ball fun for every age: On your marbles, get set, go!


Children discover the world through play; when handling building blocks and ball tracks, they learn simple physical principles in addition to perseverance and dexterity. The ball track toys from HABA are toys with a system. Each track has special benefits for children of different age groups.

Which ball track system is suitable for which age group?


HABA Kullerbü: Numerous options with maximum rolling fun

The HABA Kullerbü play system will delight children aged two and up with colorful play scenes. In the HABA Kullerbü ball tracks, the extra-large balls roll through archways with little bells, over colorful bridges, and through steep curves. There is fast-paced riding fun in the HABA Kullerbü ball tracks. Here little ball convertibles, racers with momentum motors, and a train zoom through the play scene. Thanks to the clever click system, the children can always assemble new tracks on their own without anything slipping. Click, connect, done! The high columns really get the balls rolling, so that the individual effects can come into their own. HABA Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic components and very deliberately works with the advantages of each particular material. Varied and prolonged playing fun is guaranteed!

HABA Kullerbü at a glance:

  • For children from 2 years
  • Perfect combination of wood and plastic
  • Clever click system ensures stability
  • Flexible elements that can be combined with each other with awesome effects and affectionate illustrations
  • Rolling fun at various heights – thanks to the columns, the balls really take off

 Further information about HABA Kullerbü can be found in the theme world Kullerbü.


My First Ball Track: Observe, explore, play

My First Ball Track is made completely of wood and is suitable for all children ages 18 months and older. After the first stacking attempts with building blocks, children at this age discover other possibilities for building. They explore components using all their senses, perceive size and shape, and discover which pieces fit together. With the help of a parent and even all by themselves, they can put together a small course for the large balls. The pegs of the colorful connection pieces snap into the section pieces of the ball track and provide sufficient stability. The low track allows the balls to roll with less momentum, so that the individual effects can be very closely observed on the course. Simply perfect for the first experiences of a little builder!

My First Ball Track at a glance:

  • For children from 18 months
  • Is made completely of wood
  • Easy to set up thanks to the pegs
  • Rolling fun on the level with less momentum … good for observing simple effects

Classic Ball Track: Experimenting for more and more new structures

The ideal continuation of both systems is the Classic Ball Track made of wood for children ages three and up. The marbles speed through the track and master tricky chicanes, lofty heights, and steep descents. Ramps, tubes, speed curves, and sound chutes encourage children to experiment with different speeds and heights. They can plan, build, rearrange, and discover new things again and again. An initial understanding for static basics and three dimensional thinking is trained through play.

The Classic Ball Track at a glance:

  • For children from 3 years
  • Made from beech wood
  • With cool visual and acoustic elements made of high quality plastic or metal
  • Encourages building, investigating, and experimenting over and over again
  • Continuation of My First Ball Tack and the HABA Kullerbü play system

HABA ball tracks grow with your child

The ball tracks from HABA are distinguished by the fact that they grow with the children and can be expanded by attractive complementary sets and adapted to the appropriate age. As children become older, they like to experiment more. They quickly discover that curves, inclines, and heights effect how the ball rolls. In this way, children are introduced to simple physical laws by trying out, rebuilding, and repeating. The HABA ball track systems are properly matched to the age groups as well as to the different needs and abilities of the respective target group. That’s why they can be considered to be self-contained systems. When the little builders grow out of the target group age of HABA Kullerbü or My First Ball Track, it’s still possible to continue the ball fun with the Classic Ball Track which uses marbles.


Compatibility of the HABA ball track systems

The curves, ramps, and straight tracks can in principle be flexibly assembled with each other from all three systems. Nevertheless, the specific characteristics of the ball track systems should be kept in mind:

The extra large wooden balls (diameter: 4.6 cm/1.8 inch), which cannot be swallowed and that are included in My First Ball Track and HABA Kullerbü, are specially adapted to the wide straight tracks, curves, and ramps of both of these systems. Compared to these, the tracks of the Classic HABA Ball Track have a considerably narrower milled track, down which the speedy colorful marbles (diameter: 1 cm/0.39 inches) can roll.  When My First Ball Track or the HABA Kullerbü are assembled with the Classic HABA Ball Track to create a larger ball track structure, only the small marbles can roll through the complete structure, not the large wooden balls. That’s why it is important that the Classic HABA Ball Track always forms the starting point of the emerging ball track structure.

While the basic elements from all three systems can be easily combined with each other, some effects cannot or can only be partly combined with each other.

Two examples of this: Only the large wooden balls can roll through the large big dipper ramp or the looping ramp – both HABA Kullerbü elements – but not the small marbles. The marbles can of course roll smoothly through other HABA Kullerbü elements such as the windmill wheel ramp; however, unlike the large HABA Kullerbü wooden balls, they cannot trigger the corresponding effect. The reason - the diameter of the marbles is too small to set the windmills in motion.

Besides this, there are no limits to the creativity and imagination when building and re-building. Who can build the most exciting, fastest, or highest ball track?

On your marbles, get set, go!