Board Games for Children age 2+


The My Very First Games series by HABA combines play fun and early development

Small children are already little explorers. They watch and comprehend, play and learn, try things and experiment ... all of which makes day to day living for children age 2+ very exciting. Therefore, it is important to challenge and foster children adequately at this age.

What is so special about the series My Very First Games?

These HABA games series are developed by educationalists and game authors, especially for small children. Initially, small children start to explore the material in free play becoming familiar with the different possibilities. Only then does playing according to rules come into play. Small children, of course, are not yet experienced with board games. That's exactly why the series My Very First Games sets out to offer rules, that are easy to follow and a series of additional hints and tips. Depending on the game, the degree of difficulty increases or a number of variations are included. Thus, My Very First Games stimulate children over and over again by setting appropriate challenges for their age, fostering their early development, holding their interest for a long time ... and, above all, being a lot of fun. 


Learning to play by the rules – the details

Step 1: Free Play

In free play, children explore the game material, discover the details that are displayed and explore different ways of playing with them. Parents assist them by talking about the pictures, asking for details and inventing small play situations. Be it a die or a game board, placement tiles or wooden play blocks ... the highly detailed and charming design, as well as the sturdy and handy manufacturing of the material, offers small children many options for exploring and playing.

Step 2: Introducing children to games with rules and playing according to simple rules

Understanding and following rules is important for a child’s early development.  Generally speaking, rules structure social and personal interaction at home as well as at the daycare center or play school. Understanding, putting into practice and following game rules trains different skills, depending on the focus of the game. But what is always at stake are careful listening, patience, the ability to empathize, co-operation and self-control of impulses. These are the key competences children need in all situations in life ... and exercise with the HABA games in an entertaining manner.

Step 3: Playing variations

Once the basic rules have been understood and the games have been played several times, the children and their parents can start trying out the more difficult game ideas and variations. The instructions of the series My Very First Games offer a wide range of ideas. This means the games remain stimulating for a long time.


Fostering small children in specific areas... and having fun with them

Each child, of course, is unique in his personality and development. Thanks to the highly varied design of the games for small children, the parents can meet the needs of their child at every stage of their development and have a lot of fun playing together. Each game of the series has a different focus - their common feature being that they "take parents by the hand" and help them, giving important hints about how to challenge and foster their children, step by step, in a way that is adequate to their age.


Longstanding experience and a variety of experts ... bring a lot of good things together

HABA has been designing and manufacturing wooden toys for over 75 years now. For more than 20 years, game editors and educationalists, along with game authors, illustrators and our design department, have developed a great variety of games, pooling all our experiences into this series My Very First Games. That way, well thought out, appealingly designed games with simple yet stimulating rules, for the youngest children have been developed for five years now.