Boredom? No way!

Enjoy exciting parent/child time at home with HABA

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It’s finally time to put your feet up! Or maybe not because the dog has  already claimed the couch. Oh, and now the boss! You forgot that she wanted you to take a closer look at the minutes of the last meeting. What a pity that the whole page has now been decorated with colorful, opaque scribbles by your children. And, oh no, the carpet needs vacuuming; be sure you avoid the building blocks – stepping on them with bare feet can be painful.  Whew.  And after all that, what is there to do? 

Our suggestion: Use your valuable time to create unforgettable experiences with your family. Start an experiment – let HABA help you recreate your everyday family life! You already have the most important ingredients. Your children are the most curious explorers in the world. And your house is a well-equipped laboratory.  So now all you need is a little inventiveness. You and your children can find out how high a stack of building blocks can get before it falls over. Or find a place where colored pencils are put to better use (rather than on important business documents). You’ll also find a way to get the dog off the couch – maybe with a theater play in the living room? Stay inventive! HABA, the Inventors for Children, can help you.

We’ve put together the best tips for a fun and relaxed time at home with your children:

Everything’s more fun together!


The dice have been cast – and just like that the little hedgehogs get colorful spines, shadow creatures lurk in the magical light forest labyrinth or a competition with the hungry raven Theo begins. We have created new adventures for the whole family with HABA children’s games as well as with our books, puzzles etc. 

P.S.: Our insider’s tip for every household? My Very First Games – I Need to Potty! You’ll never run out of toilet paper here.

HABA children’s games are fun for everyone

What does the die show? Which field can I move to? Where’s the right card? While you’re busy answering these questions you don’t even notice how fast time is passing. The children’s games from HABA not only ensure hours of enjoyment, they also bring the whole family to the table to play together.

Clear the stage for the HABA glove puppets

Well hello there! Who are you? Children can come up with their own ideas when playing with the HABA glove puppets, and also be the main character in their own stories!

Terra Kids for outdoors and indoors

Children love being active – especially in nature. The Terra Kids Connectors are perfect for using family time well and also building a bridge between the outdoors and indoors. Grab some fresh air on a stroll with the family, collect small branches while you’re out, then create cool shapes and figures when you get back home!

Time to dream with the HABA stories for reading aloud

Let’s go! Just a few words read aloud are enough to carry the whole family off on an exciting journey through the imaginative world of HABA. Unicorns, a honey bee, an octopus or the Little Friends can hardly wait to share their stories with children! And even Kullerbü gets things rolling ...

Theater plays for glove puppets

Now is the perfect time for an Oscar-worthy performance. You and your child can take over the directing and main roles in our theater plays, which have been specially written for the HABA glove puppets. Applause! Raise the curtain for your family!


Learning? I do that as I play!


Wood can jingle. Balls can roll uphill. And all the countries in Europe fit into one small, yellow box. Doesn’t that sound better than writing the same letter twenty times? Or doing math till smoke comes out of your ears? Learning can be done differently! With HABA, your Inventors for Children, and with a lot of fun.

Makes learning child’s play

Playing together means learning together! HABA educational games encourage little game fans to develop their knowledge of numbers and letters and other skills in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun. Often it’s an experience for all the senses! Fun and learning go hand in hand.

Discover the world with building blocks

What does a block taste like? When will the tower collapse? Will the roof hold up? Children can playfully explore the world on a small scale with our HABA building blocks. Because building means learning!

A must-have: Classic ball track

The ball gets many things rolling! Exciting track effects are accompanied, quite incidentally, with playful learning about the laws of gravity. Can noises be produced in the process? Time to find out!


Things click into place with the HABA pegging, stacking and sorting games

Everything has its proper place. The question of how the colorful shapes and figures fit together presents little explorers with lots of fun and exciting challenges. Children’s creativity is encouraged to develop freely!

The 1 x 1 of building blocks

How can children build knowledge in play? With HABA building blocks! What’s special: As they gain more experience it’s not only colorful towers that are built up but also their enjoyment of experimentation. You can learn which building blocks are suitable for which age in our 1 x 1 of HABA building blocks.


My home – an adventure playground!


Your apartment. Endless expanses. Between the kitchen and the bathroom there is another planet – the kids' room! Populated by small creatures that sometimes act a bit strange. But fun and games are not specific to a certain location! As the saying goes – “we create your world the way you want it.” HABA transforms your entire apartment into an exciting play universe. Time to beam yourself up and have some intergalactic fun!

Full speed ahead in Kullerbü

In the big, colorful Kullerbü play world you can click, create & explore, endless excitement! Ball-convertibles, vehicles with momentum motor and battery-powered vehicles speed along straight tracks, around curves and down ramps – and fun balls roll along tracks in a rush. Quickly turns the children’s room into an interactive racetrack!

We’re the Little Friends

Welcome to the world of Little Friends! There’s a lot to see! Little Friends of all ages, and even a few animals, are waiting for new playmates on farms, in villas or in the treehouse. There’s so much more to explore!