Brand new, hot ideas for a fire brigade birthday party

Experiencing an exciting fire brigade party, with a lot of action, is the dream of many little fire brigade fans. A children’s birthday is the perfect opportunity for a themed party. This makes it a unique day that is all about the birthday boy or girl and their friends. With a fire brigade-themed birthday party they can be as brave and strong as their heroes. A little face-paint and creative costumes let them easily slip into this role. HABA has a couple of exciting ideas to make your fire brigade-themed celebration a success.

Weeoooweeooo – the siren sounds that the birthday fire department is here


Good planning and detailed preparation lets you coordinate everything, from the decoration to games and party bag fillers, to match the fire brigade theme. As recommended in the HABA children’s birthday party checklist, you should design and distribute the invitations 2 or 3 weeks before the fire brigade-themed party. Simply use the HABA invitation card templates for a fire brigade-themed children’s birthday party and ask gusts to come dressed up as fire fighters.

> Download invitation cards (pdf)

> Download HABA children’s birthday party checklist (pdf)

The birthday boy or girl is sure to enjoy helping with preparation for the fire brigade-themed party. Whether decorating, baking or developing game ideas – everything goes faster when you work on it together, and the child can look forward to the big day. Decorations such as paper garlands, balloons and streamers, in typical fire engine red, add to the party atmosphere. In the evening, red glow sticks provide a cool effect. Red and yellow streamer decorations on the table look like flames. Cutlery and breakfast boards from the HABA Fire Brigade match everything perfectly. They make delicious muffins, for example, taste even better. Simply decorate them with red sprinkles, or a small fire brigade play figure with a fire hose made of red jelly snake. Children are often high spirited and excited at children’s birthday parties. The Tumbler Fire Brigade is perfect to encourage them to drink water, spritzer, milk or cocoa. More tips for how to make the children’s birthday party child’s play, in the true sense of the word, can be found in our big children’s birthday party countdown.

Invitation cards
Invitation cards

Do your best in fire brigade games

The first guests can take a spot in the Play Tent Fire Brigade until everyone has arrived. With the turning steering wheel and a little imagination, the little fire brigade heroes are off on their first mission in no time. Then the gifts are unwrapped. Maybe one of them is the Storage Box Fire Brigade? This not only perfectly matches the play tent; its integrated play backdrop also offers more ideas for exciting fire brigade role playing. A fire brigade siren signals the next game round. Things hot up with competitive stacking or a sweets treasure hunt with the Stacking Cubes Fire Brigade. The classic birthday game of “Musical chairs” becomes “Who’s the fastest fire fighter?”, and everyone can show off their skills in a balloon dance to children’s music. For younger children the Pull toy Fire Engine can be integrated into the game – and this is also a great idea for younger siblings who want to be part of the celebrations.

Water march! All hands on deck for thirst quenching


After so much playing, even the strongest firefighters will be hungry and thirsty. It's perfect if the table is already set with the Kids Placemat Fire Brigade, Plate or Bowl Fire Brigade. To eat you can serve, for example, spaghetti with flames made of red and yellow peppers, or carrots. Ketchup really lets the “fire” glow but is effortlessly extinguished by the firefighters with grated cheese. On the topic of extinguishing, the Tumbler Fire Brigade not only helps quench thirst, it’s also a cool attention grabber. It can also be filled with sweets to make a cool party bag filler. Other nice reminders of the fire brigade-themed birthday party are the Puzzles Little Fire Station, the Fire Truck or the Fire Truck with Ladder from the HABA Kullerbü play world. This lets little fire fighters rave about the hot party for a long time afterwards!

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