Company Philosophy


HABA’s company philosophy is based on one simple principle: Children are the most important things in life. Instilling fundamental values, helping them become independent and develop into creative and imaginative people is not the exclusive job of the parents; children grow up in a complex network of relationships. Siblings, friends, care-givers, teachers—they all have an influence on child development. In addition to the people in their life, the environment and the objects around them play a major role in their development from the first day on.


Designed and manufactured in Germany!

For several generations our toys have proven their worth with their high-quality design. The credit for this great achievement goes above all to our designers and game editors. Over 15 HABA employees pour their heart and soul into the development of well-thought-out toys and games, every day. They get their inspiration from nature or people, while traveling, or at home, while working in solitary or in a team, and at the end of it all, special products emerge that stimulate childish curiosity and desire to play.
Not only are our ideas made in Germany, but so are most of our wooden toys and play figures. They are produced at our own HABA facilities in the Upper Franconian city of Bad Rodach, Germany. Our ideas are rooted in Germany, just as are the trees we use for our wooden products. They come from sustainable forest management, which is why all our wooden toys carry the PEFC seal.

We light up children’s eyes!

“If we want to change the world we must start with children,” said the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Next to the attention and affection from their parents, the most important thing children need is well-conceived toys designed to foster skills at their specific age group, encourage imaginative play and, above all, to let them have fun. In short: things that light up their eyes and at the same time offer them a sustainable source of stimulation.
Let us change the world together by giving children the time and space they need to develop their personalities with sensible toys and beautiful objects.


We breathe environmental protection and sustainability!

Proactive environmental protection and sustainable production have been fundamental components of our company philosophy for years. As early as 1999 HABA was the first German toy manufacturer to comply with EMAS, receiving DIN ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. Short transportation routes, modern production techniques and innovative materials are a matter of course for us. We use new organic materials from sustainable resources, as well as wood from sustainable silviculture and textiles, plastics and paperboard from renewable resources.


We stand for corporate social responsibility!

We are very serious about social responsibility towards our employees, partners and customers. We believe that trust can only be earned by acting in a fair manner, which is the foundation of any relationship.
HABA is part of the HABA family of companies and stays true to its roots as a family-owned business. “For us, it is a given that a family business be run by a family. That’s why my siblings and I have been active in multiple areas of the business for years. And we’re happy to take this responsibility. Being committed to the region has always been important to us, as it was to our grandparents, and as it is today to our father,” emphasizes Sabine Habermaass, the granddaughter of the company’s founder.