The players look for the best places to place their cards with the most valuable CONEX corners. Note: A change of perspective might be needed! Then play any action stars you have earned. But only the player who manages to keep plan ahead will become the CONEX master.
Find the best places to place your cards with the most valuable CONEX corners.
Place any action stars you have earned.
Plan ahead and win the most points!
Small box, great game: CONEX is the different kind of card arranging game with many corners and edges. During the game, players try to strategically lay down their cards to get as many points as possible and obtain additional bonus points by cleverly using the action cards and/or stars.

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Prospero Hall is a group of producers, designers, artists and game enthusiasts who work as part of Forrest-Pruzan Creative. They develop games in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary process that encompasses a variety of perspectives. The Prospero Hall games are not created by individuals but rather by a community. Prospero Hall is proud to call this orchestrated craftsmanship.


Benjamin Petzold was born in the cultural city of Dresden. After his training as a porcelain painter in the Art Department of Rosenthal AG he attended the technical college for product design in Selb. Since his studies he has had two main fields of interest: illustrating and designing lifestyle products, and working with various materials. These days he is dedicated to graphic design, illustration and painting.