Creative fun at the beach or in the sandbox

A day at the beach is very special for both children and adults. After splashing around in the water and taking a rest in the beach tent, there are so many ways to play in the sand and they want to try them all. This is because the beach is a huge treasure chest and a giant sandbox for children. There are endless ways to play in and with sand - not just on the beach, but also in home sandboxes or on the playground. We have put together a small selection here:

Who will be the sandcastle builder?

Sand and water are already there - what children need now are suitable sand toys such as a shovel, bucket, watering can and molds. And off they go: Digging, making a castle wall, constructing the towers. It's so much fun when everyone works together  to build a sand castle, but it can also be a lot of fun as a competition. You can form teams with friends, siblings or parents. Let's see which castle is biggest at the end! It's not about winning, but about building something together. And every little castle builder is sure to enjoy a delicious ice cream to cool off after the exhausting construction work.

Who can draw the most beautiful pictures in the sand?

Children can draw great pictures in smooth, wet sand using the handle of shovel and rake, or with their fingers: A heart, a sun, a house, a snail, funny faces ... or what would writing your name in the sand look like? Imagination knows no boundaries. The images can be decorated afterwards using natural materials such as stones, shells, twigs or leaves. You could even open a Sand Museum so that parents can take a look at all of the children's sand art in one place.

Who wants to take part in the sand treasure hunt?

Get your shovel ready, and go on an exciting treasure hunt in the sand! You can collect so many shells and stones from the sand alone. Unfortunately, not all beach treasures can come home with their discoverers, but you can find a place for most of them using a travel bag. The best way is to collect only things that look interesting in a small bucket and then sort through them before it's time to leave.

If parents don't want to take any chances on the children finding things in the sand, you can also create "little treasures" such as sand molds, empty yogurt cups or  bunches of little sticks, which the treasure hunters can then discover. That also means that they won't dig up the whole beach or sandbox as the treasure hiders should set a defined area. Even gold miners have to dig a lot and are guaranteed to work up a sweat in no time. But when they have found all of the gems, they're certainly very happy about it.

Who wants to go to the sandy Sun Bistro?

This is where they sell delicious sand ice cream with flower decoration, fine sand-cakes and delicious sand pizza... with the creative sand toys in the HABA Sun Bistro series, where children can easily open a sand-ice cream shop or a sand café with savory and sweet treats. Whether at the beach, on the playground or in the sandbox - Restaurant role play games are always a lot of fun and give the kids room for their creative ideas. This is because all the dishes still have to be nicely presented before serving and decorated with shells, stones, flowers or leaves. They not only exchange sandy treats, but also "play money" in the form of pebbles or seashells. Bon appetit!