Creative ideas on a Titus Tentacle theme

He’s huge, bright red and has tentacles that are not only very long and strong but also as fast as lightning. But even when he’s not moving and looks as if he might be asleep, he is constantly alert to his surroundings. So you shouldn’t worry about entrusting him with your favorite pens... he guarantees to look after them. And the Titus Tentacle penholder is a real eye-catcher on your desk. The step-by-step instructions show you how to make one yourself.


Moreover, Titus Tentacle is actually a really sweet guy ... especially when he’s made from cookie dough. We promise that the recipe for Titus Tentacle cookies is easy to follow. After baking comes the best part – decorating the cookies with icing, candy pieces and food coloring.


In the Titus Tentacle game, everyone starts out with an equal chance and can visit Titus Tentacle and the pirate monkeys.