DIY Instructions: Making Christmas Cards with Finger Paints


You need:

  • White or color folded cards
  • simple cards, or construction paper (cut in A6 format)
  • Different paints (finger paints, watercolors, colored stamp pads, gold or silver paint)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Felt tip pens
  • crayons
  • glue
  • construction paper scraps for decorating

Here's how:

Idea 1:

Dip your index finger in the paints and put your fingerprints on a card.


Then draw strings to the fingerprints with a felt tip pen … and you have a card with colorful Christmas balls.

Idea 2:

Paint the whole hand white with a brush and press it onto a card.


While the paint is drying, cut out hats and carrot noses from construction paper.  These can then be glued on. Paint on buttons with a felt tip pen … and the jolly snowmen are completed!


Idea 3:

Cut a template from construction paper. Simple Christmas designs such as a Christmas tree or star are beautiful. Lay the template in the middle of the card. Now dip your index finger in different colors and then put a lot of fingerprints all over. Make sure that the edge of the template is covered with many fingerprints.


Then lift the template carefully … and the Christmas design is on the paper. This also looks very beautiful with gold or silver paint.


Idea 4:

Or you can make reindeer-heavy Christmas greetings from the whole family. Each member of the family dips their index finger in brown paint and puts their fingerprints on a card.


When the fingerprints have dried, decorate them to make jolly reindeer.

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