Do it yourself: Make and design your own diaper cake


The birth of a child is always a special event. Family members, friends and work colleagues will usually want to give something to the parents and their newborn child. One great idea for this gift is a diaper cake.

With the help of Simone from, we will show you how you can easily create a diaper cake yourself and decorate it with HABA products. The cake illustrated here consists of three tiers, but it can equally be made as a two-tier version.


Hello! My name is Simone. I live in Ingolstadt and am the proud mother of boys. I am self-employed and make plaster casts of expectant mothers’ abdomens during the latter stage of pregnancy as a unique memento for the happy couple. I also make wonderful diaper cakes as a cute yet practical alternative to a bouquet of flowers. The main advantage is that a diaper cake won’t wilt and the “ingredients” are really useful! I place special attention to detail and like to use exceptionally  beautiful items from a single product series – preferably from the HABA range.

Diaper cakes are also easy to make at home, so I’d like to share my DIY instructions for a diaper cake filled with HABA products. You can learn more about me at For now, though, I hope you enjoy making your diaper cake and seeing the reaction it gets when you present it as a gift! My very best wishes to the newborn child and its happy family.

Materials required:

  • sturdy cardboard (min. 35 x 35 cm) for the cake base
  • colored wrapping paper
  • adhesive tape, scissors, pencil, glue stick
  • colorful bows and ribbons
  • elastic bands
  • doily (Ø 34 cm) for decoration
  • pins/adhesive tape for fastening
  • photo-grade card, 300g/m², 50 x 70 cm, one or multiple colors
  • decorations in matching colors, e.g. artificial flowers, decorative figures, stickers


  • Diapers, preferably in size 3, so that the new parents have the opportunity to enjoy looking at the cake before dismantling it. For a two-tier diaper cake, you will need around 26 diapers, and for a three-tier version approximately 63 diapers.
  • Baby items in harmonious colors, preferably from a single product series:
  • Complementary and color-coordinated items, e.g. bib, baby spoon, onesie, flannel, blanket, baby socks
  • Care products

And now you’re ready to “bake” your diaper cake:

Step 1: Make the base
Step 2: Cut photo-grade card into strips
Step 3: Packing the diaper tiers
Step 4: Decoration

Step 1: Make the base

  • Cut out a circle of at least 35 cm diameter from thick cardboard (preferably corrugated, e.g. from a shipping carton). A compass or a plate are suitable for drawing the outline. If you want to use the doily for decoration, you should base the diameter on the size of the doily.
  • Place the finished cake base on the colored wrapping paper and cut around the outside with an overlap of approximately 5 cm.
  • Tuck the paper neatly under the outside of the base all the way around and fix it with adhesive tape.
  • Now place the doily in the middle of the cake base.
  • Use scissors to prick two holes in the middle of the base approximately 5 cm apart and run a gift ribbon of approximately 1 meter in length through the holes (the ribbon will later be threaded through the separate diaper tiers to hold the cake firm).


Step 2: Cut photo-grade card into strips

  • Cut the colored photo-grade card neatly into strips (7-8 cm wide, 70 cm long): two strips for the first tier (glue together) and one strip each for the second and third tier
  • The strips will later be wrapped around the individual diaper cake tiers as cake rings (this allows you to cover up the ribbons holding the diapers in place).

Step 3: Packing the diaper tiers

Tier 1:

  •  Roll up each diaper individually with the patterned side showing, and slip an elastic band around it.
  • The cake in the example has three tiers. The lowest tier consists of 37 rolled diapers.
    • First arrange 7 diapers in a bundle and tie a ribbon around it. Place the bundle in the middle of the cake base. Pull the ribbon, which you have already threaded through the holes in the base, up along two sides of the diapers.
  • Now add 12 more rolled-up diapers in a ring around the center bundle. Make sure that the ribbon you have threaded through the cake base comes out between this outer ring of diapers and the center bundle. Now add the next ring of 18 diapers, which will make a total of 37 nappies on the first tier.

Tip: When building up the lowest tier, it is beneficial to have an extra pair of hands to ensure that the diapers are lined up as regularly as possible and that the structure doesn’t fall apart.


  • The long, colored photo card strip is wrapped around the first tier and fixed with adhesive tape. A matching colored bow provides the finishing touch.

Tier 2:

  • The second tier consists of 26 diapers, with 7 forming the central bundle and 19 more surrounding it.

    Proceed as for the first tier. The ribbon that was threaded through the cake base and the first tier is now used to hold the second-tier diaper bundle firmly in place. As with the previous tier, wrap a strip of colorful photo card around the whole layer.

Tier 3 (optional):

  • Next comes the smallest third tier consisting of 7 diapers. The ribbon, which runs through the cake base and the two lowest tiers is tied in a neat bow above the third. This ensures that the cake sits firmly on its base. Wrap a strip of colored photo card around it, and the main structure is complete.

Step 4: Decoration

You can decorate the diaper cake according to personal taste.

Tip: Small containers of care products or spoons are good for putting between the diapers. Arrange all other baby products on the tiers.

To decorate our frog cake, we attached the fabric book Magic Frog and a onesie with a ribbon. The pram chain was simply tied on with its own loose ends. The arm of the big Slumber Frog was inserted between the diapers on the second tier. The Croaking Frog clutching toy takes pride of place on the top of the cake.

Further decorative elements such as flowers or ribbons can be tucked into the individual tiers or arranged on the cake base and cake rings.

Do a final check to make sure that the decorations won’t easily come loose.

We hope you enjoy making the HABA diaper cake and presenting it to the lucky parents.