Do it yourself: Make your own Titus Tentacle penholder

You need:

  • a sheet of red paper
  • a used toilet roll
  • glue, scissors
  • a pencil with an eraser
  • a black felt-tip pen
  • two wiggly eyes
  • one ink pad

Here’s how to do it:

Stand the toilet roll on the paper and draw a circle around it.

Cut all the way round the circle at a distance of approximately 3 centimeters.

The result should look like this:

Make a series of cuts from the outside to the inside.

Apply glue to the resulting flaps of paper.

Glue the paper to the base of the toilet roll.

Cut out a section of red paper 15cm wide and 22cm long.

Place the toilet roll level with the top of the paper and draw a line across underneath.

Now make seven cuts from the bottom up to the line to create eight octopus tentacles. To make this easier, you can mark them out first.

The result should look like this:

Now press the pencil eraser on the ink pad and stamp the suckers onto the octopus tentacles.

Alternatively, you can draw them on with the felt-tip pen.

When all the suckers have been stamped or marked, it should look like this:

Now apply glue to the top of the paper and wrap it around the toilet roll. Important: The suckers must be INSIDE.

Allow the glue to set.

Now roll each tentacle carefully around your pencil before releasing it again.

The result should look like this:

Now attach the wiggly eyes and draw Titus Tentacle’s mouth.

Job done! Now Titus Tentacles can sit on your desk and look after your favorite pens and pencils.

If you like, have the story of Titus Tentacle and the Pirate Monkeys read out aloud to you or bake some Titus Tentacle cookies.


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