The evening dragon shows are a definite highlight of the annual fair! Players must decide which dragons they want to perform in their shows. It’s not an easy choice. Each winged performer comes with its very own special skills and features. There are also some goblin helpers amongst the dragons, who can help with preparations for the show. Putting on the best dragon show needs forward planning and the right strategy. The player who has been able to attract the most spectators by the fifth evening show wins the game.



1. Players take turns deciding which of the available dragons or goblins they want and place them in their hand. 


2. Grandstands can be built and specials offered in the stage area...


3. ... to attract the most spectators!

Exclusive: Game rulebook available for download

The strategic showbiz game impresses with a clever drafting mechanism and a cool game idea. Which player has a knack for organization and can recruit the most talented dragons? A themed game design and high-quality wooden figures bring the game to life – guaranteeing outstanding playing fun for the whole family!



Benjamin Schwer was born in 1982 in Berlin and was introduced to all sorts of games from an early age. He moved to Leipzig for his studies. Alongside plenty of game playing, he also studied philosophy and German studies with the aim of becoming a teacher. His wife also enjoys games, and their three children are growing up to share their enthusiasm. This motivates him and provides the drive to engage with board games over and over again. Dragondraft is his fourteenth released game.



Stephan Lorenz was born in 1984 in Thüringen and spent his childhood in the countryside He discovered a passion for picture books and comics early on, exploring fantastic worlds and meeting whimsical heroes. But because it’s a lot more fun to come up with your own characters, he soon swapped his wax crayons for pencils and a sketch book. Later he tucked his graphics tablet under his arm and headed to Vienna to study, then gained experience as a graphic designer at advertising agencies. Today he lives with his girlfriend on the Lower Rhine and works as a freelance illustrator in the area of books and games (digital & analogue). His favorite animal is the fire breather dragon.