Easter holidays – A time for play, a time for arts & crafts

The Easter holidays are a time when the whole family can come together. What an excellent opportunity for abundant family fun and games.

When children race through the garden or park, hopping like bunnies while seeking their Easter baskets, their need for movement and activity is wholly satisfied. But what happens when all the Easter treats have been found? To ensure Easter fun continues after the Easter egg hunt is over, we have compiled several entertaining ideas surrounding Easter eggs and Easter bunnies.

Naturally, hard-boiled or chocolate eggs are most suitable for the games. When the game is over, they can immediately satisfy appetites worked up during playtime fun.


Run, jump and seek – outdoor activities

Once around the house and the Easter basket is already found? How about an amusing Easter Egg matching game? Every two Easter eggs are dyed and painted in matched pairs and hidden singly in the garden. Then the Easter egg hunt becomes a delightful game. Each child brings the eggs he or she finds to his or her place. Eggs can only be placed in the Easter basket when a child has found the matching pair.

A classic game is the egg race. First, pace off the racing stretch. Then each child and each adult gets a soup spoon with an egg on it, and they’re off! Children have more fun when the “odds are evened”, and the adults race with a hard-boiled egg, while the children race with smaller spoons and chocolate eggs.


Tumbling, puffing, tapping – luck, dexterity and fun

Because of their shape, Easter eggs roll in a funny way – excellent conditions for loads of amusing entertainment. In many countries children play tumbling eggs on Easter. All you need is a small hill or sloped surface to roll the eggs down. The egg that rolls the farthest wins. 

Egg puffing is a perfect indoor game, when the weather on Easter is less inviting. Each player has a drinking straw and a small chocolate egg. A start and finish line is marked off on the table or floor. At the word ‘go!’, the children (and adults) puff through the straw, attempting to propel their egg over the finish line. That’s not so easy, since eggs roll where they want to. Boisterous laughter erupts when players try to puff their eggs back on course.

Egg-tip tapping is fun for the whole family and their friends. Everyone pairs up, sitting across from their opponent. Each player has a hard-boiled egg in the hand, the tip pointing outwards. Now the players tap the tip off their eggs against each other. The player whose eggshell cracks first is eliminated and the winner moves on to the next opponent. Smaller children enjoy this game enormously, as winning is not a matter of strength or dexterity. The last player with an intact egg is crowned Easter King or Easter Queen.


Scissor, crayons, paper – delightful Easter egg arts & crafts

Is the Easter weather keeping you indoors? No Problem! With a bit of cardboard or heavy paper, a pair of scissors and glue, you can create simple, lovely Easter trifles.

Egg cups are quickly assembled. Simply cut out a broad strip of cardboard and fold it in half lengthwise. Now make a ring slightly smaller than the egg is wide, and glue the ends together. If desired, the egg cup can be colored or drawn on or decorated with bunny ears. 

Creative little “bunnies” can have loads of fun with a blank piece of paper and finger-paints. How about a festive finger print picture? Plenty of green finger prints at the bottom of the page make a lovely spring meadow, yellow finger prints are the chicks and a rainbow of colors can be Easter eggs or flowers. Now outline the figures with colored pencils and the delightful Easter decoration is finished. Applying the same principle to cardboard, children can make their own Easter greeting cards. 

A huge sensation in homemade Easter decorations is balloon chicks and balloon bunnies. The balloons are blown up half-way and knotted closed. Now cut out ears and legs from cardboard, and take a cotton ball for a tail and glue them to the balloon. You now have an adorable fluffy Easter bunny. Chicks can be made just as easily by crafting a beak, tail feathers and wings from colored paper. If desired, the balloons can be suspended from lamps or the ceiling, gently flying through the room. 

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