Editorial Department for Games and Books


In our Editorial Department for Games and Books the children’s inventors make sure that cool ideas are transformed into market-ready games that will make children's eyes light up. This means: testing, tinkering, selecting materials, playing with children, thinking about themes and titles, working with illustrators and copywriters, writing the game rules and fine tuning packaging text. 

But where do all the good game ideas come from?

Sometimes the editors themselves think of new game ideas that children and players will like. But the majority of the HABA range comes from external ideas: The variety is only possible thanks to the many excellent game suggestions that are sent to us every year. All submissions are reviewed and tested ... and the best ones are selected. At HABA there have been games released by teachers, parents, retirees, hobby game developers, professionals and even children. 

We're always happy to receive new and original ideas that inspire us. These guidelines contain all the important information if you want to send us a game idea.

What brings a game to life? 

Without a doubt, a brilliant idea is the seed that grows into a good game. Yet, design development is equally decisive. Detailed game cards, amusing play figures, atmospheric gameboard illustrations…the spectrum of emotional design input is enormous. And so is the number of illustrator applications we receive at HABA each year.

We are always thrilled to see new, original illustration ideas that stir our enthusiasm. Would you also like to submit your portfolio of work samples? You will find all the information you need in these instructions. 

And finally, a small request in our own interest. We ask you, if at all possible, to submit your application in English.