Facts, Figures and Dates


There are many interesting facts and figures about HABA. For instance, the total number of employees and the female-to-male ratio, or the number of the ball track pieces, or the oldest HABA product. Deep in the idyllic hills of the northern Bavarian countryside at the HABA headquarters in the tranquil town of Bad Rodach a lot is going on:

Our Employees

  • HABA employs approximately 1,900 people at the HABA family of companies headquarters in Bad Rodach.
  • The ratio of female-to-male employees is approximately 6:4.
  • Traineeships, cooperative education, wood mechanics or business administration: At HABA Germany, some 100 young adults begin their professional careers.
  • Since 2006, more than 10 apprentices have been ranked best of their class across Bavaria and even Germanwide.

Our Range of Products

  • HABA designers and game editors design and develop nearly 500 new products every year.
  • Designer, Ines Frömelt, created over 30 different snug up dolls.
  • In the last three years, more than 25 new HABA glove puppets were brought to market.
  • The oldest HABA product still available today is the pulling figure Duck. The first duck was produced in 1954, and to this day, it is still happily pulled behind by its little masters.

Our Production

  • Each year, 1,582,720 different components are made for HABA ball tracks—all made from beechwood or birch, and all made in Bad Rodach.
  • Over 30 different varnishes and stains give the HABA wooden toys their brilliant and colorful look.
  • We produce 1,800,000 dice every year.

Our Products Worldwide

  • Between 500 and 700 HABA packages are dispatched every day. That makes approximately 138,000 packages per year.
  • Our popular Orchard game, which has been in our portfolio since 1986, is available in 10 different languages, including Chinese and Japanese. 2.5 million games have been sold to date around the globe.
  • Unicorn Glitterluck has been translated into 13 languages. How many more languages are yet to come?