#fromHABAwithlove – the love of giving


The birth of a child is one of the most wonderful moments in life. All of a sudden you have a little bundle to hold in your arms for the first time. A little bundle of life; a big bundle of love.

Our love of children is obvious. It can be seen every time we hold one of our products in our hands, or give it to a child. We love what we do, and we give you our word; For as long as there are children, we will continue being passionate about developing children’s toys and games, and distributing them around the world. What you receive from HABA is always 100 percent full of love, in other words “from HABA with love”!

But our passion doesn’t start or end with our products. The topics of environmental protection and sustainability are as close to our heart as our regional and family-oriented roots, and make an equal contribution to our philosophy. This includes operating carefully when it comes to production, something we don’t see as a responsibility but rather a matter of course. Inspection of our materials in all our production steps therefore goes well beyond the legal requirements. This means that each of our items is sustainable, creating a feeling of safety.


Maybe you recently received a package full of love, with HABA games or toys? Then feel free to show us how the journey of our product continues in your home. This works best on social networks. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram – we can see your contributions and photos if you share them with the hashtag #fromHABAwithlove.

By the way - We have made it our mission to support children in their development, while at the same time bringing them joy. These two ideas are combined in a playful way. From social skills to fine motor skills and communication skills; our products allow your child to learn at an age-appropriate level without pressure – although they know is that they are having a lot of fun!


Hashtag #fromHABAwithlove: Here's how!

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