1 – 3 months: I can already do this – I like this!


Cool gift ideas for the first 24 wonderful months

> social skills

In their first few weeks of life, newborns especially need a feeling of security and closeness. After all, they first need to get to know their family and immediate surroundings.

> visual perception

This is best achieved by everyone spending plenty of time together. At first, a baby only has blurry vision and can only see only a short distance. But it soon learns to recognize its closest caregivers, watches them carefully, can imitate simple facial expressions, and shares its first captivating smiles. Try to gently stimulate the senses of your newborn in this initial period, for example, with mobiles and baby carriage chains, whose movement your newborn will attentively follow.

> acoustic perception

You should also help your baby process the many impressions it gets during the day. The quiet melodies of our musical boxes and the gentle shimmer of our night lights are perfect sleeping aids.



Alexander Blatt, toy production manager, father of Lotte and Lasse


Pacifier chain Lucky charm

"As with most children, our two year-old daughter couldn't go anywhere without her favorite pacifier. It always needed to be handy; otherwise there would quickly be tears. For the birth of our son we were given the pacifier chain Lucky charm, and since then it has been a constant companion. The practical thing is that the pacifier chain can be easily attached to clothing. This means that neither it nor the pacifier gets lost."



 Sarah Uhl, HABA marketing, aunt of Tim


Playwrap Happy Trails

"My nephew was a very active baby, which is why the Playwrap Happy Trails by HABA was perfect for him. Exploring the various materials and elements kept him entertained for ages. There were all sorts of things to discover – he was particularly fond of the rattle and the squeaker. He could also practice active grasping; the play gym always kept him entertained and stopped him from getting bored. It was also practical that the playwrap can be attached to almost anything – whether at home or out and about – to the car seat, playpen or cot. And who knows, maybe the Playwrap Happy Trails was what encouraged his current passion for cars?"