13 - 18 months: I can already do this – I like this!

Cool gift ideas for the first 24 wonderful months

> cognitive stills

The infant starts its second year of life with momentum. Now it becomes more independent every day. It can play on its own for longer, and concentrate completely on a single thing – for example playing with the first ball track. The first children's jigsaw puzzles with only a few large pieces are also a lovely pastime and are happily fetched again and again.

> mobility

Mobility increases every day. All types of vehicles and pull along toys, especially in the shape of fun animals, are very popular and support the urge to move of little bundles of energy.

> communication

On the topic of animals: Almost all children are thrilled by cow & friends and imitate the sounds they make. So look at, for example, our board story books as an inspiration for new sounds.

> fine motor skills

Pegging games, stacking games, and sorting games support fine motor skills.



Kristin Weiß, HABA marketing team leader, mother of Richard and Matilda


Stacking game Lighthouse

"My daughter Matilda loves playing with the stacking game Lighthouse. She stacks the various sized pieces on top of each other. But her favorite thing is when I build a tower and she's allowed to push it over. It makes a lot of noise as the blocks hit the floor. And of course little Matilda can't get enough of this."



Anja Kunz, HABA product management, mother of Julius and Mathilde


2334 Eeny, meeny, miny, zoo!

"The Eeny, meeny, miny, zoo! building blocks are popular with my children because they aren't just simple cubes, they're colorful animal shapes. You can build a tower out of the blocks, or arrange them on the table or floor. When we play with the building blocks together, I practice naming the animals with my daughter. It's especially fun when she imitates the animal sounds. Sometimes we mix up the individual animal parts and make up our own funny stories or little role plays, such as: “here comes the monkey riding on the crocodile”. ' But the thing that my children like the most is to knock over all the blocks once they've been set up.