19 – 24 months: I can already do this – I like this!


Cool gift ideas for the first 24 wonderful months

> mobility

At one and a half to two years the infant becomes a mobile toddler. It can run, wants to go upstairs alone, and loves climbing and jumping.

> communication

There are also big steps being made in language development: children start making themselves understood, might even be saying their first short sentences, and can sing simple melodies.

> cognitive stills

This is also the time that role playing begins. Many children are devoted to caring for their dolls. Cool accessories help children imitate the behavior of their own caregivers and process what they see. Increasing language skills of toddlers go hand in hand with an expanding memory. Small memory and arranging games or simple sorting games are great fun for children at this age. The games build children’s self-confidence by letting them demonstrate all the things they can already do.