4 – 6 months: I can already do this – I like this!


Cool gift ideas for the first 24 wonderful months

> fine motor skills

Between the 4th and 6th month of life, a baby's hand-eye coordination improves, and it starts to develop fine motor skills. It can now hold small items such as clutching toys, and maybe even actively reach for them when they hang overhead on a play gym. It uses its new skills to stick things in its mouth. The sense of touch is still much better developed than the sense of sight.

Simple games such as "peekaboo", or finger games with amusing finger puppets, are especially popular with little ones at this age. They also love clutching toys made of various materials – and entertaining roly-polys.



Eduard Uhl, HABA toy construction, uncle of Leana, Helen, Emilio and Tim

Cuddly Gallivanting Goose

"As an uncle of many, I often face the question of what to get my nieces and nephews for their birthdays or Christmas. Sometimes it's not that easy. One gift that was popular with my niece, for example, was the Cuddly Gallivanting Goose. She was almost inseparable from it. The little Goose was often next to her in the pram or playpen. She had a lot of fun playing with the goose and discovering the many effects.”