Great shopping fun for small shoppers


Learning about everyday life through the medium of play with the HABA Pretend Store and Children’s Kitchen

Kids love to play with food; the delicious-looking replicas made from wood and fabric allow them to do just that. HABA’s play food offers your child  everything she needs for imaginative role-playing games such as  ready-made dishes or just the basic ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, savories and sweets.  In fact HABA offers  something for every palate.


Learning via the medium of play in the Pretend Store

Model kitchen, shop, restaurant or café games... with these wood and fabric replicas, children can experience and reenact the adult world on a miniature scale. They not only have fun, but also develop their social and communicative skills. Shopping is an integral part of our lives, which involves planning, discussion and negotiation as well as coming up with arguments for and against. While children are talking about the game with other customers and with shop assistants, they learn how to express themselves verbally and to present coherent arguments, depending on the role chosen.. Where can I find a certain product? What is the best way to prepare it? What quantity do we need to purchase?

In family life, children also like to be included in shopping and cooking activities; while dad is tending the barbecue and mom is preparing the table for dinner, the kids can be serving their cuddly toys with hot dogs (made of fabric) or buying bread and rolls from the shop.How about a (fabric) ice cream for dessert? Knowing what a sweet tooth youngsters have, they will probably prefer the real thing – but only while they take a short break from play.


Multiple game variants for long-lasting fun

Through role play, children get to experience the adult world from different perspectives. In order to slip into a different role, we need to broaden our horizons. Especially in a pretend shop context, there are many ways to generate social role play. Children can act as shopkeepers, offering their varied assortment of goods for sale to all the family members. There are no limits to creativity when presenting products, setting prices and agreeing on special deals.

But as shoppers too, children can imagine themselves in different situations: What is on the shopping list today? What do I need to cook for the family meal? Should I add other products to my basket because they are currently on special offer? Fresh produce must first be weighed to calculate the price. Butter, flour, sugar and eggs can be made into a pastry, but what other ingredients are needed to bake a delicious cake?

It is also great fun for small shopkeepers to integrate dolls into the game. Customers can then bring their own dolls along on the shopping trip or integrate them into the game as fellow shoppers. An especially amusing variation is when children and adults dress up to reflect their role in the game.


Happy shopping guaranteed

With our HABA Play Store Shopping Bliss, little shopkeepers are in their element. The integrated fresh produce counter is ideal for presenting goods, just like in a real shop. The recycling net, the scanner cash register and the fabric pouch for holding coins, pen and notepad contribute to making this a realistic play scenario. When you add in HABA Play Money and the HABA Play Store Scale, the Pretend Store encourages the development of fine-motor skills and cognitive abilities. And here’s a bonus - the shop can be converted into an ice cream parlor in no time at all by simply turning the double-sided shop sign around.

Impressive design and materials that both look and feel good

Children and parents love HABA replica foods for their design and their quality. The products of the Biofino series are meticulously crafted to include many lifelike details. Sophisticated effects, such as slicing the HABA Bread Loaf or pouring the milk out of the bottle, make playing in the shop or the doll’s kitchen even more realistic. Many of the food replicas are made of soft, pleasant-to-the-touch fabrics that everyone likes to pick up and hold. Soft suedes predominate, with some of the smaller items also made of cotton or felt. Many of the surface details are embroidered or jewelry beads sewn on.

But various products that are to be found in the shop are made of natural wood. HABA has, after all, acquired a global reputation for the quality of its wooden toys over the years. For our crunchy-looking apples, crisp baguettes, juicy pears and much more besides, we use sturdy beechwood to enhance the pleasure kids have from playing with our replica foods.


Toys that last

HABA products also impress by virtue of their enduring appeal. Children will continue to be fascinated by them as they grow, always finding new play situations in which the items can be included. The play foods are not just designed for children of three and upwards, older children also  will rummage around in their box for replica food and groceries to be used as props in new games. They can be incorporated into every shop, market stall and convenience store scenario as the children dream up new role-playing games.

The restaurant products in particular are convenient in size, and their low weight makes them easy for children to pick up and carry. Pretend meals can readily be served up, and there are no obstacles to almost unlimited role-playing fun. So, why not get started on setting up a shop, a café or a restaurant for your child today?